Thursday, August 27, 2020


 What is there to write about 2020? How is 2020 going to be remembered? 

It is one year that changed everything, everyone. 2020 changed the world. For many Corona may have taken away a loved one but for my family we lost a loved one but not to corona. It was totally unexpected and all of us are yet to come to terms with it. 

This year took away my younger sister's husband. He was in his prime and had no business going away so soon. But he is gone.. leaving behind many perplexed, grieving souls. 

Once again he left on a day that was being celebrated. He died on the day our son was born. As I wrote on this blog, my FIL died on our wedding day.

These 2 days will remain as a day of happiness and sorrow. Maybe life is telling us not to be too sad or too happy? 

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