Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Let us hope for the best...

It is happy news indeed.

In an effort to set right the country’s skewed gender ratio, Women and Child Development Minister Renuka Chowdhary today launched a ‘Conditional cash Transfer for Girl Child with Insurance Cover (CCT)’ scheme here

I really pray that the government machinery will perform without any hitch to get this through.

India will pay families to have girls to end foeticide


Families in seven states are set to benefit from a series of cash payments amounting to 15,500 rupees (£193) to poor families to keep their girl children.

As an extra incentive any girl who reaches 18 will get a further 100,000 rupees (£1,200) provided she has completed her school education and is not married.

Of course this will not solve all the problems since as reported, in states like Punjab, it is the rich who selectively abort female fetus and the poor are just copying them. So for this, the government is considering giving life sentences to doctors convicted of the offence.


  1. It certainly is not the entire solution but surely is a step forward in the right direction. Baby steps shall eventually lead to bigger leaps in due time. You and me both will, god willingly, witness change! ... if not its completion then surely its beginning. :) God bless. Thank you for your efforts. World needs more women like you!

  2. Ouch, i sounded a bit too religious in my previous comment :D. but you know what i mean ... minus the religious bit. :) cheers!

  3. Hey thanks...

    I loved the religious bit too.. How can a Mother keep aside religion? We need all the help that we can get from the Almighty.


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