Monday, April 2, 2007

Raft Around the corner..(from Chicken soup for the soul)

This is an extract from a real story of a man who found himself floating down the rapids in a river at the bottom of a canyon, miles from anywhere, in the middle of a wilderness area with his ankle broken in half.Having been trained on how to get out of the rapids, he determined that he would get to the shore, and he did.Not having been trained in what to do with a broken ankle in the bottom of a canyon...he determined that he would walk out of the canyon and up the steep, rocky path just as he had come down.So he decided to think of every possible solution and to choose the best one.From helicopters to climbing teams, he imagined every possible means to get out of the canyon that was miles from anywhere, in the middle of a wilderness area-with his ankle broken in half.But while he was thinking, a raft came around the corner.Which was particularly interesting, because the man with the broken ankle didn't know there was such a thing as a Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician and he certainly didn't expect one to be on a raft that he hadn't even thought of.No matter what life is throwing at us, there us a raft around the corner that we cannot see.Don't look for it; it cannot be seen.Don't predict when it will appear; it's not on your timetable.Don't doubt that it exists, for doubts will cloud your eyes and cause you to give up before it arrives.Don't give up; give in.Give in to the idea that positive events are in your future, even if you can't see them.Give in to the idea that positive events are in your future, even if you can't imagine what they could possibly be.There's a raft around the corner.

We have seen this raft around our the corner a couple of times in our lives too.. The most crucial one being 2 years back. The company Hubby was working had problems- Salary not being paid in time, License not renewed etc. etc. And this was the time my Hubby was trying to transfer his residence too but couldn’t due to the License problem. We went through hell during the 3 months since his residence expired and there was fine to be paid and the previous sponsor was busy taking advantage of the situation, as usual. During those times, we wanted only the residence and a better job was too much to ask for. My Hubby went for work one full month with an expired residence, and being the first time since more than 15 years of Gulf life with its stringent rules was truly exhausting. And that was when the raft came around the corner in the form of a great job beyond our dreams and without we ever looking for it! His ways are always full of mystery!

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