Sunday, April 13, 2014

Time well spent..

I went on a short trip to Kerala to leave our daughter, who is planning to pursue her higher studies in India. Time is indeed flying and it was with a pang that I saw girls in school uniform this morning.

While at Kerala, I could spend some time with my parents too, and let me express it in pictures.
Who said cooking cannot be mastered after the age of 80??
The Vada is store bought: here my Father is soaking it in boiling water to make curd vada..

Chopped ginger, green chilly and enough curd. Never mind the presentation!

This one loves eating the long bean (vanpayare)! a rare sight? 

Another beauty, though a little snooty in this picture: elder brother to the white one and now the mother is pregnant with the next lot!

Summer bloom

Early morning drive to Trivandrum and where else but at the Indian Coffee House

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