Sunday, January 31, 2010

Still clueless..

Senior police officials, requesting anonymity, opined that bullet-proof jacket is the first line of evidence which should have been taken into the custody by the investigators. However, Mumbai police found this blooper only after slain IPS officer's wife, Kavita Karkare, filed an RTI plea in which the police admitted that the jacket was not traceable.

Are our police clueless or made to be clueless?

Are the Mumbai police so naïve?

And have any of them been taken to task?

Not likely, since as usual they have selected the right candidate to pave the escape route.

“On the night of November 27, after Karkare's body was brought to JJ hospital for autopsy, I had mistakenly put the jacket along with bio-medical and non-medical waste in polythene bags which was sent to the Deonar dump grounds for disposal”, the sweeper had said in the statement on December 22, 2008.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Please step down….

Prof. Sukhadeo Thorat, please step down from your post and let us hear you....

• Padamshree award from the Government of India in 2008.
• Vidyalankara (Lifetime Achievement Award) by Purbanchal Academy of Oriental Studies in association with Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India in 2008
• P.K. Patil Purushottam Award in 2007.
• Awarded Bharat Shiromani Award 2006 by Shiromani Institute.
• Ambedkar Chetna Award in 2001.

Else let us assume that the above medals are also fake just like the list of fake Universities proudly posted on the website of UGC of which you hold the post of Chairman.

Below is the “Mandate” as given in the University Grants Commission website…

The UGC has the unique distinction of being the only grant-giving agency in the country which has been vested with two responsibilities: that of providing funds and that of coordination, determination and maintenance of standards in institutions of higher education.

...and our ministers are as usual very vocal and full of enthusiasm..

The PMK founder-leader S Ramadoss on Tuesday has demanded a comprehensive probe to ascertain how educational institutions — that have stripped off their deemed university status — got it, despite failing to meet the stipulated minimum standards.

He also said that the State should initiate legal proceedings to stop exploitation of students by such institutions. In a statement here, Ramadoss welcomed the Centre’s decision to crack the whip on educational institutions that are being run as “family fiefdoms.”

And all are up in arms against the Universities… yes they should be taken into task although the students who are studying there or who studied there are never going to be compensated. Their certificates will no longer be valid and many of them may lose precious time.

But along with the Universities and their declared owners it is the authorities who let them secure this recognition who should also be taken into task.

A deemed university gets its recognition under University Grants Commission (UGC) Act of 1956 but the guidelines for becoming one remain vague.

And why have they remained vague?

Is it no wonder then that our children are forced to go outside the country to secure an education by spending much money and even enduring the wrath of the host country.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dont Blog....

Dont blog... this is what the Kuwait government is saying to the Kuwaitee bloggers.

It is only when such a news came in the local paper that I realized that Kuwait has a large number of bloggers comprising the local Kuwaitees plus the expatriates.

Anyway, this is not the reason why I have been late in posting but I am yet to find a reason as to why I have not posted this new year..

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