Monday, July 23, 2007


Took time to visit "Karalkada" - a shop in vogue since the nineteenth century and still retains the trust and quality. Ended up buying more than what we planned.. but no regrets at all. They have a separate shop for the kids too.

The new building came up 2 years ago while the old one still houses odd items. Their website will not give you an idea of their wide selection.. sarees, Churidhars, pants, shirts, pant tops etc. etc.

When you have finished your shopping and yearns for something to refresh your minds.. pop into their small cafe which serves coffee, tea, juice and snacks for free.

This shop has been in the capital for years and many brides have worn their exquisite sarees on their special days. Right now the shop is run by the fourth generation!

Trivandrum - The Capital City

Veryyyyyyyy busy these days...enjoying the last few days of our holidays..

Was at "Happy Land" a small water theme park. Not as big as Veega land which we could not make it due to lack of time. The kids had fun and it was difficult to pull them away from the water. Hope to put in more pictures soon... of the monsoon.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Ashop Commerce

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Please take note that Ashop can be integrated with all major banks and even Paypal.

Why dont you take a test drive today?

Sunday, July 1, 2007

The Romance of Atlantis

Finished reading Taylor Cadwell's "The Romance of Atlantis". Dont know how many times I have read this novel! But it has always kept me going until I finish the book in one go!
I have always felt that we are not seeing anything new in this world of ours. It has always been there. What we have invented now has been invented before. Taylor is supposed to have written this novel when she was just 12 years old. She writes that she dreamt of being the Empress Salustra herself. She lived her life in her dreams.. else from where did she conjure up this whole story? It even mentions nuclear energy being used and also solar energy. An ancient kingdom well advanced in all aspects. I would like to believe that Atlantis really existed.


The day that I mentioned that there is no rain.. it started with a bang.. started late at night with thunder and lightening.. nd then crash... heavy rain with mighty winds....
Can smell the rain drenched air at night and it is so cooling.. needs no A/C and no fan.. talking about fan.. the current leaves us as soon as the rain starts... nd the inverter too is not upto the mark.. but still we are enjoying.. tomorrow hope to visit a few relatives..

until then... adieu...

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