Thursday, May 21, 2009

Another Monsoon

Another monsoon awaits us and I hear that the final “venal mazha” or the Summer rains are now pouring down. This time they have predicted the monsoon to arrive earlier. The monsoon seems to have turned out to be a like a choosy lady these days! Anyway, as long as she continues her much awaited visits, it is fine.

Finished shopping and we only need to cram the bags as usual.

The other day we visited “Platform”, a shop for hardware. Somehow I liked the concept, else who would want to spend shopping time in a hardware shop!

I am not sure if they have this kind of a showroom in India. (The Platform concept was launched by Saint Gobain (SG), Europe’s leading manufacturer and distributor of building materials, in 1998. It has since then become the fastest growing business within SG’s €20 Billion-Distribution Division with a network of more than 70 stores in 10 European and South American markets.)

At “Platform” those who are building a house will get to see every item that will go into it. There are also all kinds of tools; to buy and also for hire. The foldable ladder looked very handy. We went there since the almost 20 year old Union door lock back home is showing signs of ageing and Hubby wanted to shift it from the front door (demoted I guess!). The penchant for Union Lock is still there but we found that the price has moved up too high. We settled for another lock and found that there are many good locks from India too. Since we may find no time to go lock searching in India, we settled for UK locks. No point in buying an Indian product for India from Kuwait.

We also ended up buying a few knick knacks for the bathrooms and also some handy tools. The bathroom fittings are good and those who want to spend more money can wander into a separate show room of “Aquamondo” where they have displayed a few beautifully fitted bathrooms. I clicked a few photographs outside the shop.

We wound up that day’s shopping with a sumptuous Arabic meal from a local restaurant.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

For another 5 years...

This election did in the end turn out to be exciting! At least it beat every analyst’s prediction and the voters have yet again proved that they have a mind of their own. Woo them, bribe them, threaten them and even shame them but in the end they will patiently wait to let the ink be stamped upon their fingers.

I am happy how it turned out in my own state Kerala. The arrogant leaders may now please listen to their CM or else the voters will never ever give you victory. Sure the money is there but without power how sweet can it be?

Yes, the voters have selected the “lesser evil”. This election has yet again proved that Indians have their heart in the right place and that hope is not all lost. I only pray that arrogance will not set in but the Congress will take this as an opportunity to amend their ways. Let this result give MM Singh the confidence to lead the country.

But it is sad to note that Rahul is taking all the credit. He gets to have the cake and eat it too!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Tomorrow it is voting day here in Kuwait, while it is the vote counting day in India. Hubby is all set to wake up early, while I am hoping his excitement wont catch up with me. I still remember those days as children when my Father's excitement would catch up with the entire house hold. In those TV less days, the radio was the only source. My parents and in-laws have voted this year too and have been voting faithfully every election day. The other day while speaking to a girl on the phone, she suddenly asked me from which state I came from. When I told her my state, she said she is from West Bengal and it is their voting day. This is the first time she has missed her voting rights since she just came to Kuwait. I could sense her disappointment.

Yes, we are all waiting and whoever comes to power, do they really have anything diferent to offer for the coming years? Is there going to be any CHANGE?

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