Monday, March 19, 2007

Alternate Fuel

The other day we were discussing this on a forum and what my friend stated is very much true.. it is a vicious circle.. It is not as though alternate fuel technology was not available all these years.. it is not as though none had a break through… but there were some who did not want it at this time… they shall wait until all the oil in the world has been exhausted and they clutch the controls of alternate fuel in their greedy hands.

It is just like how we lament that certain countries dont have democracy while at the same time we support the Dictators.

Savior - An old movie

Watched Saviour on Star movies last night, but unfortunately missed the beginning. The movie was great and some of the scenes refuses to leave my mind and I guess will be eternally etched in my mind.

After watching this movie, one will hate religion more than ever. How can a Human being turn into a beast for the sake of religion? I am sure the real story was far more horrific than what was showed on the screen.

Come to think of it, the same life flows through all.. the rich and the poor, the kind and the cruel, the fat and the thin and when this life decides to leave the body for good.. none of these religions can bring it back. A religion is good, only when it teaches its followers, tolerance, patience, love, benevolence; irrespective of caste, color, creed or sex and they FOLLOW it in their lives. Otherwise it is good for none!

In this movie there is a scene where a group of Muslims are being killed by hammering their heads.. horrific..

I am not blaming any religion in particular because we have heard about them all...but.. will I behave thus in the same situation? Will I turn against my neighbours in the name of religion? It is good for us to ask ourselves these questions since the devil lurks in all of us – waiting to show its power- just like how goodness lies within each individual.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Woman - A Mother

Hope I dont sound like a feminist... well.. i am not a feminist.. though I do believe that every woman ought to be strong and should have a strong mind of her own....

If one should ask me to talk about the fairer sex, I have just one thing to tell her, prepare yourself to be a “MOTHER”.

This is the most important task a women has been entrusted with- to be the perfect mother to her children. From the day she is born, a girl should be trained in such a way that beside the normal education like a boy, she should be aware of the future responsibility that she is expected to bear, the responsibility of being a mother.

Let every women take this responsibility seriously and work towards it. Though circumstances may force her to take up a career, let her not neglect her main responsibility of being mother to her children. She can do it. The mental satisfaction in being a successful mother will be much more than in having a successful career.

If one finds a wayward child I would hold the mother more responsible than the father. But let the fathers listen too, they should not be just sitting idle, if they have been brought up by a “mother’ they should in every way help their wives in this noble task of bringing up future mothers and fathers.

Let the childless adopt a child. There is nothing wrong in it. If you have love to give, give it and you can take more in return. When you become a good mother to a child you don’t have to worry whether it is your own, you will see the result.

So women, train yourself to be a perfect mother…. the future of this world rests in your little but strong and faithful hands.

The Rich

I have always wondered what the rich does with their money....

Ok.. to start with all of them have a big house.. nd most probably they use a maximum of 3 rooms in a day and enjoy it for less than 3 hours daily, excluding their sleep time.

They have tasty food... as much as their stomach can take.. but the food that I took today was also very tasty...

They have a large circle of friends until their money lasts...

I think the only aspect that I envy in the rich is the money at their disposal to give away for free. Isnt that great?

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