Monday, April 30, 2012

Utterly, butterly delicious - the taste of India

It is indeed utterly and butterly delicious. When I first landed in Kuwait, it was Amul butter that I missed a lot. There were many other great brands in the market but for me nothing would come near to Amul. Finally it started appearing in this market too and now I make sure we never run out of this great one. Not sure how my kids aquired the taste since they refuse to eat nothing else but Amul butter when needed.

Thought I shall collect a few of those pertinent adverts that appear. Someone sure has a great humor! There are lots more....

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Someone please answer...
Someone please explain how these companies are churning out profit year after year/ quarter after quarter; yet they want to pinch more from the common man.  They say they want to increase the price of oil yet again. Why? Where are they siphoning this profit? If they were in loss, it should reflect in their financial statement.

The products obtained from 1 barrel of crude oil

Petrol - 73.8 1ltr
Diesel - 34.82 ltr
Jet fuel - 15.5 ltr
Furnace Oil - 8.7 ltr
Liquid gas - 7.19 ltr
Steel Gas - 7.19 ltr
Coal - 6.81 ltr
Bitumen - 4.92 ltr
Petrochemical feedstocks - 4.54 ltr
Lubricants - 1.89 ltr
Kerosene - 0.75 ltr
Others - 1.13 ltr
Is the government using the oil companies to take money for their own use?

Is this how they are worming out off every scam that they face?

Is this why no probe seems to bother them?

I had raised this doubt in one of my earlier post but I find no answers.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Forgiveness = 1 crore

Yes.. that is the price for forgiveness in God's own country. Until then, they were hell bent on getting justice. They wanted the Italian marines to be jailed and given maximum punishment. But 1 crore changed everything. The boat owner has even changed his stance; he says he is no longer sure if it is the same ones who killed the fishermen.

The relatives of the dead fishermen has heard a good earful from the court. They rightly said that they shall no longer entertain such cases and that their time has been wasted.

It required only 1 crore to evoke Christ's style of forgiveness. For sure they were tutored by their well meaning priests but the Keralites were ridiculed enmass when they wanted the Italians to go free. They could have just accepted the compensation and let the case run it's course but instead they went ahead and told the court that they wanted the case against the Italians cancelled. And since the government itself was looking forward to the same, it has become easy.

Methinks, GOC can become a sought after tourist destination for trigger happy beings. You can shoot to kill if you have enough money to pay for it!

And who knows, these Italians may soon be on their way to become saints too. After all, how else would these family have ever seen 1 crore. The Church may have been praying hard for these poor Italians, if not for the fishermen's family.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Girl or gold?

The latest advertisement for gold/diamond shows the birth of a baby (a girl I presume) and the next shot, the birth of a diamond or a diamond necklace! It ends up with a necklace worn by a beautiful girl with the tag "There is a diamond for every woman" . Wow! Are they giving it free?

Such advt may frighten the wits out of parents having a girl child. Why in the world do we associate girls with gold? Why do we let the media treat girls as a burden? In my opinion such adverts needs to be banned altogether specially in the backdrop of increasing female foeticide.

Let the girl child be looked upon as a normal child; not as a liability until she is flung into another’s home.

Let her be treated with dignity; not as an object to be adorned with gold and precious stones.

She is only a normal human being capable of looking after herself if you will let her be. Instead, you have a worrying father and later a brother only to transfer this gold or diamond from one bank locker to another. Look at her! How ridiculous she looks!

Then you have other adverts which implore you to invest monthly in these shops so that once your girl is grown, if nothing else, she will have bags of gold to catch a husband! seems these husbands have only eyes for this gold and not the girl! But why should that matter? Hasn't she been finally pushed from her home? The work of a lifetime! No wonder cowards and weaklings kill them before they are born!

Have listened to many advising me to buy gold since we have a girl. They have this frightening tone and you almost succumb to their fears. But luckily I have a hubby who continues to maintain that it is a dead investment. 

Let us invest in our girl in other ways. If someone worthy of her comes along, let him take her only for her and not for the gold!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

I am over 40

Unless I am filling an application or am with a doctor or a lawyer, I need not disclose where exactly this 40 stands, not unless I reach 50!

For women, life starts at 40. At least for me this is true. This is when she is the most confident and I would not trade this age with any other age, not even the teens. Of course, if one had the same self confidence then your teens or your twenties would be nice. But it is seldom so. You are so full of doubts and worries to have self confidence. Not so at 40. This is the age when you accept yourself. No more crying for what will never be yours. No more yearning for stars. This is the age when you wake up and thank for one more day. This is the age when you stop to smell the flowers.

This is the age when you have that all elusive quality; patience! During my growing up years, it was patience that I lacked most. I was that girl always worried that life would pass away if I don’t grab it. On a car ride, one wanted to reach the destination and failed to enjoy the ride. And after a while life did pass in slow motion and all one could do was watch as a spectator. But after 40, one starts enjoying the slowness. One also starts appreciating others. One realizes that everyone is doing what they know to be is the best. It may be higher or lower than the standards that you keep, but they are doing what they can.

Though I am over 40, I have not moved a single year beyond 30 :). This is another paradox of life. My MIL is 83 years old, but in her mind she has never moved beyond 40. At times, it scares me and sometimes it fascinates me. She is seldom satisfied with her appearance and is very happy to preen in front of the mirror. She will never pass by a mirror without admiring herself. Yes..I may find myself in her shoes (not the obsession with looks though) if I ever come anywhere close by to that age.
After 40, one can be also more bitchy! This is one area where you should keep watch. With self confidence comes the urge to say what comes in your mind. It could be the truth but it can hurt.

Here is to every woman over 40…. Enjoy your days and never think you are a day older than 30.. not until you are ready to face your maker.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Love them

Our neighbor’s daughter keeps visiting us whenever she can. She is going to be 2 years and is a very smart and loving girl. She was brought up by her grandparents since her mother came back to Kuwait after her birth. She joined her parents only recently. It is great to have her around but the other day only I was in the house since my children had gone for tuitions and hubby to cut his hair. I tried entertaining her but she was much attached to my daughter whom she missed. And then while I was sitting next to her, she took a cushion, placed it on her stretched legs and made me place my head on it. Then she started gently tapping me and saying “ba ba”.. It was such a happy moment for me. Later when I tried placing a chain on her, she removed it and wanted to dress me up! She is rightly named “Jewel” and she is being looked after like a precious jewel. Her mother leaves her with me only when she is tied up with some housework. Since I have passed that stage, I am aware how hectic it can be for her. But somehow these days my thoughts refuse to leave Afreen. As you might know she left this world which failed to love her.

Being a mother to a daughter, I know how loving they are. They need just a bit of love to blossom. They need only a bit of love to return the love in manifold. They would even be ready to die for you.

Even Afreen would have grown up the same way. But she was not allowed to. My heart cries for little ones like her who are born in the wrong place and into wrong hands. My heart weeps for her mother, who must have tried her best. I saw her crying yesterday and hope her tears won’t be in vain. The nation needs to act for future Afreens. There is no way we can hope that such monsters will not do their act. They have already been given birth are in this world and must be getting ready to marry, to hope for boys, to hope for a huge dowry and hoping to kill until they get what they want.

In India, we have the The National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR):

The National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) emphasises the principle of universality and inviolability of child rights and recognises the tone of urgency in all the child related policies of the country. For the Commission, protection of all children in the 0 to 18 years age group is of equal importance.
This commission acts when they receive complaints on behalf of a child. I am sure Afreen’s mother was not in a position to complain or she did not know where to seek help. It is time this commission made every parent register as soon as a baby is born into this world. The Panchayat needs to keep track of these children too. I am sure there are enough funds. The commission also need to place cradles in every panchayat so that such unwanted babies are not killed. Maybe it is time the government started foster homes like those found in the US. From the cradles they can go into those who hope to adopt them.

There are many schemes under NCPCR one being the The Integrated Child Protection Scheme (ICPS) All States and UTs except   J&K have signed MoU to implement ICPS.

They also have monitoring schemes:

Monitoring Formats for ICPS

1. Monitoring Formats for the Central Level Monitoring

2. Monitoring Formats for the State Level Monitoring

3. Explanatory Notes

4. Online Submission of Monitoring Reports

They also have a childline service.


This Govt. of India launched Childline Service during the year 1998-99. The child line is a 24 hours free phone service, which can be accessed by a child in distress or an adult on his behalf by dialing the number 1098 on telephone. Child line provides emergency assistance to a child and subsequently based upon the child’s need, the child is referred to an appropriate organization for long-term follow up and care.
The Kerala state has also done much in this aspect under the KERALA STATE COUNCIL FOR CHILD WELFARE.

Other than the various programs for women and child they also have a Creche Programne which takes care of children.


The Kerala State Council for Child Welfare took on the task of setting up crèches for children of working and ailing mothers from the lower socio economic strata of society in 1975. The programme caters to children between the age group of 0-3 yerars. There are 250 creches under the control of the Council, financed by Indian council for Child Welfare These crèches serve the purpose of providing a safe, secure and healthy environment to babies, allowing older children to attend school instead of dropping out, for taking care of sibling and helping mothers to work as they are assured of the safety of their children. The services provided in these crèches include health care, supplementary nutrition, immunisation recreation as well as non formal education. A maximum of 25 children are taken care in each crèche by a trained crèche worker and a helper.

They also have electronic cradles. This needs to be in every state.



Every Child has a right to live. Unfortunate occasions (!) compel persons to discard their babies. Such abandonment in public unhygienic places threaten their lives. To save these kids Council have established an Electronic Cradle (Ammathottil) on 14th November 2002. Now there are Electronic Cradles in all the districts in Kerala.

These babies if lucky might find a good and loving home from adoption centres. One such called Journeys of the Heart Adoption Services sources kids from India.

Journeys of the Heart Adoption Services (JOH) is passionate about adoption – we truly believe that adoption is a win-win situation for the child and the adopting parents and playing a role in it is a tremendous joy
Let the girl child live. She will never let you down.

Edited to add:
Maxwell Pereira, a former Joint Commissioner of Police for the New Delhi Range of the Capital City, says that female infanticide happens at a larger scale in affluent societies than in underprivileged neighborhoods.

“In Delhi, again South Delhi has the highest percentage”, he said in an interview with CNN IBN

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Born at the wrong place!

If they are not killed in the womb, they are tortured while under their care!

How can a father beat, bite or posion a 3 year old helpless child only since it is of a gender that he never wanted? Did he not have a mother of the same gender or did he just fall from the sky? Oh you weakling!

The Bangalore Police arrested a man on Sunday on charge of battering his three-month-old daughter as he wanted a son and was allegedly unhappy with the delivery of the baby girl instead. Sustaining serious head injuries, the infant has since been battling for life in the intensive care unit (ICU) of a city hospital.

The police said the accused, Umar Farooq, had attacked the baby girl, Afreen, twice in the past. The incident of the baby's suspected torture by her father came to light when her mother Reshma Bano took the infant to government-run Vani Vilas Hospital for treatment
Hope this man is jailed forever.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

A good move

Kerala has made a good initiative.

It has stated that henceforth, PSC applications as well as various job applications for government jobs which do not mention religion will not be rejected. One can also leave the column for religion blank in your school leaving certificate, in case you do not want to take the benefit of reservation.

Let the state spend towards free and compulsory education so that no one lags behind. Just this shall give the nation the most benefit. Let religion not be the basis for giving financial assistance.

This needs to be emulated in the rest of the country too. This will stop politicians from dividing the people and twisting them in their hands for the sake of votes.

While in Kerala, SM Krishna also mentioned that Haj subsidy would be scraped since Muslim organizations have requested so. Even otherwise such subsidies do not reach the deserving candidate.


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The 5 Principles to Unlocking Wealth

The following is an excerpt from a book:

These principles are a key to unlocking amazing cache of wealth, abundance and success. They are all centered on our true innate qualities, which as a matter of fact are universal and have a spiritual basis. These principals are:

Beautiful Munnar

 Truth

 Righteousness

 Peace

 Love, and

 Non-violence

The practice of these virtues will enable anyone to progress in life without any doubt.

The reason is simple.

These universal principles are all attractive and needless to say, they form the cornerstone of the code of ethics. You cannot go wrong practicing the importance to moral values, codes of conduct and obeying the Law of Nature in your pursuit of wealth.


While pessimism warns us of dangers lurking before our very own eyes, optimism may propel us into false security. Pessimism should only be considered initial and not a final predicament in any situation - this is the first step to success.

The Basic Steps

The following guidelines will help you pave a wonderful path to your ultimate success.

The steps are very simple to implement in your daily life.

1. Do what you love and what you are good at.

2. Be prepared to learn and to be positive (motivation and enthusiasm)

3. Be an innovative individual.

4. Be prepared to invest not just money but your time, effort and resources too.

I mentioned money - this does not mean that you have to incest a large sum to become wealthy.

5. You must be disciplined in having set goals and targets. Remember that persistence is the key to success.

6. You must be prepared to manage your time effectively.

7. As you evolve, learn to give back what you amass to society. I call this philanthropy.

You must have a solid vision - one in which you "see" yourself having attained success. Great people of the past and present see to it that they reach this coveted position by employing these basic steps.

Action is incredibly important and highlights success - the two are synonymous to be quite honest. To succeed action is needed but the essential ingredient is how serious you are. Being too serious can ruin your business venture, so the point is to have FUN.

Our inner also environment plays a huge role. A calm relaxed individual is far more likely to come out a winner in a trying situation that his/her counterpart - a person who is nervous, frustrated and erratic. The former has his senses fully identified with the environment in which he places himself.

However, the restless individual does not understand the environment and consequently gets into trouble. The keywords are focus, concentration and care in whatever you do in life.

1. Develop a definite and a clear-cut goal/aim.

2. Draw up a wise workable plan/program.

3. Guard your health. Without health there is no real wealth.

4. You must conserve your energy.

5. Be honest in your life (in words, deeds, thoughts and actions)

6. Stick to virtues and adopt good principles.

7. Reflect upon ideal personalities and seek strength from their philosophy.

8. Seek divine guidance and be truthful.

9. Endeavor to help and serve others with gratitude.

10. Always think positive and believe in the power of God.
Transformative thinking is indeed the way to success. Set out a plan to achieve your goal and deliberately ruminate over the meaning of this plan and make it happen.

But if the above is overwhelming then all you need is join Indian politics :)

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