Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Elections round the corner..

Election is round the corner for the two of the largest democracy in the world....

The words of Condoleezza Rice after the great deal (as they say) was signed may have thrilled a few Indians.

"The world's largest democracy and the world's oldest democracy joined together by our shared values and increasingly by many shared interests now stand as equals closer together than ever before,"

But then in what ways are we equal?

Do the Indian citizens have any idea who they will be voting to power in India?

Looking at the main parties and their leaders, can anyone say if they will ever be put up as candidates?

As for me, being an NRI, I have no voting powers, hence I am not forced to select any party or its leaders. And looking at the current scenario, it will be a tough choice too.

So, I think it is better if the impending divorce is settled.

Let the Congress (who will get a chance to gain its lost credibility) be backed by the communists who will keep on shouting ‘foul’. I think this balance would be fine. An unbridled Congress is a danger to the country and it needs the Communists (whatever their motives be) to shout ‘foul’ so that at least the citizens are kept abreast of the happenings.

They say that the Harward/Oxford educated intellectuals would have taken our country to a worse spot if they had not been bridled. For now, at least the Indian economy can rise up from a better position, thanks to the measures that were put in place. We never gave into mass privatisation and our banks are still accountable.

It could be BJP too, if only their motives were true. Their actions show only ‘RED’. I respected Vajpayee and would have loved to see him in power if his health would have permitted him. And as for ‘Hinduvata’, I have tried understanding this concept, but the action does not replicate what is being advocated. I see the same intolerance that is seen in the Muslim/Christian fanatics.


  1. Good thoughts HK...

    The heart yearns for leaders who would step forward to lead this country.

  2. Kat: Thank you....

    Maybe that leader is somewhere there in our country.. if only we would recognize him/her...

  3. and Kat.. please dont mistake 'Sonia' for that 'leader' since I mentioned 'she'.. :)

  4. New Leader..!!!!!

    Hi HK,

    There's an effort to elect an unknown random person as President... and it's someone we know! See this news website about the surprising new nominee:

    Jot back a note to let me know what you think!

    p.s.(it's a SHE indeed..!!!! :)))))

  5. Kat.. u dint have to shock me thus!

    but then u do have an exceptional streak of humor.. if u become the leader you shall always find something for us to laugh at... as they say 'Humor is the best medicine' and all of us are in need of it....

    P.S. have copied the webpage before it disappears!

  6. Thank you, thank you...

    sigh.. reading all your blogs, looks competition
    is pretty high in the comedy track of
    politics... I wouldn't stand a chance..!!! :(

  7. kat how on earth did you unearth that video ? and HK did you get to standing for elections in the US of A?

  8. Maddy: U can be the Pres too, if Kat is willing!

    BTW who are you voting for?

  9. me i have no vote - i am what they call a resident alien..

    if i had to, it'd be obama, but if i were asked to vote for looks I'd vote for palin.

  10. Maddy.. i m sure there are many voting for MCain just for the looks of Palin:)..


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