Sunday, March 22, 2009

Are you voting?

We are!

I did not mean the upcoming Lok Sabha elections in India; for which we NRI’s continue to remain foreigners.. but I am talking about EARTH HOUR 2009.

1,858 cities, towns and municipalities in 81 countries have already committed to VOTE EARTH for Earth Hour 2009, as part of the worlds first global election between Earth and global warming.

Kuwait Tower has already committed to join and they hope that more organizations and individuals will join them.

For those in Kuwait, you can join Earth Hour 2009, by turning off your lights at 8.30pm Saturday 28 March and sign-up here at

As usual there are skeptics for this one too… some says it maybe just to bring glory to certain organizations and individuals eying the “Global” awards. If one remembers, when the oil price shot up, there used to be an email going around asking individuals to stop filling Oil on a particular day to bring down the demand and hence the price. This was ridiculed too, but then we saw the price going down and one cause is definitely owing to lower consumption due to the economic slowdown. Even after output cuts and temporary closure of refineries for imaginary reasons, the price still refuses to move up and ease the pain of all those who were dreaming of a 200 USD per barrel price.

So if possible, choose to stay in dark for at least 1 hour in those places where we do not have power cuts:), burglaries and maybe even electricity!


  1. Makes so much sense, doesn't it? If just one hour can make so much of a difference - it is amazing to think of how much we can do - if we all want to..

  2. Smitha: yes we can do so much and it does not take much effort..

  3. For anything good that is done, somebody finds some reason to find faults...
    I agree with Smitha it makes sense. And also the symbolic one hour will become a reminder to take care not to waste the rest of the time. And it's true why not do whatever we can, and this here, it really doesn't take that much effort.

  4. In Kerala, our government is so committed to the cause that they pull the plug for half an hour area to area every day !!

  5. IHM: what you said is true...let those who are in doubt be in doubt, but as individuals let us do what we can.

  6. KK: LOL.. nd it is not only in Kerala but in other states too..nd still they complain that India contributes much to the Global Warming! :)

  7. :) a good cause... one that I will support... :) and LOL at some of the comments here... :)

  8. seeing those towers in Kuwait brings back memories...memories of a day when it was full of holes, all shot up and the beach next to it had anti aircraft guns...

    and of another day when a victory parade was held..people firing into the air...

    sorry nothing to do with the article itself..but well..the good Samaritans bring in a semblance of balance and purpose to say the least..not much else..

  9. Kuwait switches off lights for one hour
    Kuwait joined the whole world in switching off lights for one hour — from 8:30 to 9:30 pm — on Saturday, marking the second worldwide Earth Hour that is aimed at highlighting the global climate change. Two famous Kuwaiti landmarks — the Liberation and Kuwait Towers — switched off their lights as they joined other famous landmarks around the world in the largest climate initiative in history.

    Two light bulbs per street were also switched off and huge local firms like Gulf Bank also participated in the event by switching off all unnecessary lights, lowering the airconditioning units, and turning off non-essential devices. The Ministry of Electricity and Water (MEW) had earlier promised to provide consumption statistics before, during and after the switch off, to give a clear picture of how much energy is saved by reducing unnecessary energy use.

    nd since we were at home trying our best to use minimal lights we couldnt really see it in action...

    am waiting for the worldwide stat. .if there is any..

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  11. Ajit: so did u and ur city stay in the dark?

    yea this one hour darkness in India can sometimes become absurd!

    Maddy: Kuwait has changed a lot.. dont know when ur last trip was.. nd soon the city itself will have a massive change with the new raods and flyovers that should complete in 2010

  12. I wish something like 'gaadi bandh' was observed too. Imagine how nice the roads would look.

  13. Gud and timely post.Yeahh tht one hour can make a lot of changes in our life.and after all it will make aware the elders as well as kids abt the value of power and necessity of preserving it for future instead of wasting it.......

  14. Yes Anish..we can do our best.. but then as someone remarked, it is not enough if we do it just one day. We need to do it every day in our own way.


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