Friday, May 15, 2009

Tomorrow it is voting day here in Kuwait, while it is the vote counting day in India. Hubby is all set to wake up early, while I am hoping his excitement wont catch up with me. I still remember those days as children when my Father's excitement would catch up with the entire house hold. In those TV less days, the radio was the only source. My parents and in-laws have voted this year too and have been voting faithfully every election day. The other day while speaking to a girl on the phone, she suddenly asked me from which state I came from. When I told her my state, she said she is from West Bengal and it is their voting day. This is the first time she has missed her voting rights since she just came to Kuwait. I could sense her disappointment.

Yes, we are all waiting and whoever comes to power, do they really have anything diferent to offer for the coming years? Is there going to be any CHANGE?


  1. Voting day in Kuwait too:) So can you vote there?
    I remember those days too- when my parents used to go to vote :) They have always voted religiously!

    And then the counting day excitement was also fun! Tomorrow, by the time we wake up - most of it would be over :( And even at the end of tomorrow - we would not know the results for sure :( The horse trading will start only later ! Anyways, lets all hope for the best.. a stable, sensible govt..

  2. The excitement is all over here now.:)

  3. There is a change!:))and good or bad atleast tehre is a majority!:))
    so more stability and more clear cut decisions without any pressures:))

  4. Smitha: it is finally over!
    The expatriates don’t have voting rights and in fact the Kuwaitee women got their voting rights only in the year 2005. But then they have all their rights unlike their counterparts in some other countries. Sometimes I do wonder if they ever miss just this one!

    Indrani: the excitement fever rose even higher since the results took unexpected turns..

    Indeyah: great to have you here.. yes, let there be a stable government if not anything else!


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