Saturday, June 20, 2009

Days fly too fast..

It has been blissful days without the urge to check on the emails or blogs... The days are flying too fast and we have been on the road mostly. The rains also seems to have gathered strength finally.

The one thing I miss are the online newspapers. Only when you are at the mercy of one or two printed editions do you realize how much one is addicted to the online news.

Spent 2 days in Cochin and had good fun at Veega land. Yes.. Cochin is a shopper's paradise if you can forget the cramped roads.

Went uptill Mysore too and the place has changed a lot. Could not decide if the city is moving uphill or downhill. Hopefully uphill but Brindavan garden has lost all its charm though it is still filled with tourists.

Had a wonderful time at Wayanad and the place is heaven. Hopefully we will leave it thus!

Will be on the road again before we board the plane.


  1. Oh sounds like you have had a lovely time!!! Are your hols almost over?

    Do post some pics! Waiting to read a detailed travelogue :)

    And you went to Wayanad - I'm feeling homesick now!

    Anyways, safe journey! Take care!

  2. Smitha.. wonderful vacation so far!

    Went to Soojipara Waterfalls and had a great time.. is it anywhere near ur place?

    only 2 more weeks left..

  3. You are havin a blast! Soak in every minute minute....

  4. oh never knew you are in india. good to know that you people are havin fun.

  5. hope you had an enjoyable time, we have still not booked our tickets..

  6. Vinod, Santhosh, Maddy: Thanks for remembering me.. am still having a vacation hangover.

    Kuwait is hot and dusty at this time of the year. When getting out of the airport, when the heat hit me I literally looked behind to see if I could find an escape and board a plane back to the lovely rain that we left behind.. nd yes the loved ones too.


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