Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Are the tables turning?

This is an old map showing the state of Sanctions a decade ago.

And some of these countries still face sanctions mostly imposed by US and UN.

But now China is threatening to impose sanctions on US companies if they go ahead with their arms sales in Taiwan.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman, Ma Zhaoxu, on Tuesday repeated Beijing's threat to impose sanctions against U.S. companies which sell arms to Taiwan.

"The concerned U.S. companies have ignored China's opposition and insisted on selling weapons to Taiwan. China will impose corresponding sanctions on companies that sell weapons to Taiwan," Ma said told a news conference.

They have also asked Obama not to meet Dalai Lama.

"If the U.S. leader chooses this time to meet the Dalai Lama, that would damage trust and cooperation between our two countries, and how would that help the United States surmount the current economic crisis?" said Zhu.

Isnt there something for India to learn from this?

While India cries and rants that Pakistan is being over equipped and over indulged with monetary handouts that continue to strengthen the militants, did we ever think the way China is thinking? (Not that I am fan of the Chinese Government)

Instead our government gives Padma Bhushan to frauds just because someone claimed that he helped to bring about the nuclear deal. Oh yes, the same deal that will strengthen a whole lot of business houses in India as well as US.

When there is money flowing in and out for a few, our foreign policies and our national awards (not all since I am sure some of them deserve these awards) will also be in tune... those in power will continue to scratch the back of those who are sustaining them. But I am yet again vexed to know that it was our honest PM who selected this person for the award. Has honesty decided to change its meaning in our dictionaries?



  1. Absolutely! India has to learn to be strong and defend it's interests instead of behaving like it is grateful for ever scrap that the US directs it's way.

    Padma Bhushan being awarded to Chatwal is ridiculous.. I wonder too how our PM who is considered honest and righteous allows such things to happen - I wonder if he is helpless or he has decided to turn the blind eye.. And makes me wonder how many more things he has turned a blind eye to, that we are not aware of yet.

  2. Just read about Chatwal in wikipedia.How can government give Padma Bhushan to such a person who involved in so much finantial scams
    @ MMS - I think he is helpless because of peer pressure in many cases.I couldn't believe Mr.Raja is still the telecom minister of India though after he were accused to be, involved in largest scam our country faced.India is a fast developing nation.So that we should learn to be self dependednt instead of doing something stupid to please others

    P.S But my question is , how much sophisticated weapons an ecnomic backward country like Taiwan can afford?Then why china is making a big fuss about it.Then why they are supplying arms to pakisthan

  3. China has certainly become strong and in a position to put pressure on the US. It also loses no chance to show its strength!

    The US is supplying Pakistan with arms and India is buying fighter planes from the US! Yes, we need to build up our strength.

  4. A post on the subject has been circulating in my head for a couple of days. Yes, India has a lot to learn; the development has profound implications. 50 years from now, the world will be totally different,and India needs to proactively prepare to meet the challenge.

  5. Smitha: India can be stronger if the focus shifts to uplift the nation instead of certain individuals...and let me blv that our PM is helpless...

    Anish: They have done it the usual way... the case against him was directed to be brushed under the carpet by our great CBI..hence technically he is as honest as Shibu Soren.

    as for Taiwan, it is not a poor country as one thinks.. it was under Japan before World War II (Japan has left a good legacy)and later under Republic of China (ROC) and still blvs to be so.. they still don’t want to be under the PRC or the current communist govt of China.. (ur question led me to check on this so thank u!) they are as advanced or better than China.

    Manju: Yes China is playing its cards and it doesn't have a reputation to maintain. It is ruthless and will remain so…and moreover none of the other so called democratic nations had any problem in doing business with it even when they were accused of human rights violation etc. etc. China has even established a good hold in Afganisthan and Kazagsthan for oil..
    SHANGHAI -- China signed its fourth loan-for-oil deal this year, with Kazakhstan, its resource-rich Central Asian neighbor

    India has to learn from China. .and India is in a much better moral position to act.

    Vinod: Looking forward to read your views..

  6. India will NEVER, NEVER learn at all.We are a weak bunch of people who get bullied by all.
    Havn't we accepted to talk to Pak after all the NO NO. We have absolutely no self respect

  7. Awarding the Padma Bhushan to Chatwal just reeks of all sorts of unsavory behind-the-scenes dealings, money changing hands, corruption, account-settling, and who knows what else. Such an act destroys the value of this award, whose recipients are supposed to inspire respect and awe.
    As for China, I trust nothing that country's government says and does. It makes me angry that the US, which proclaims its high moral ground with so many other countries, seems to meekly take this rubbish from China.
    (By the way, your link in Mysoreblog Park does not work)

  8. china is not a scared nation now that it has economical power - india cannot say that - can it ? and will never say it even if it is in a position to do so- lessons from history teach us that - india will always "defend" even when they are right.

    instead of putting the head down and working all the time and being flattered of being called "working hard" they need to play strategy and work towards establishing power.

    in obama's state of union address he mentioned india and china - yes, there is no doubt that india can lead from the front, but india does not want to do it - some of its activities such as not responding to 3 day attack on india (bombaY) and not even replying powerfully says it all. Until and unless the "mai-baap" culture, does not erase, india will never be able to raise its hood. until and unless indians do not learn to team up with each other or do not cheer another for a good deed and extend cooperation , india will not succeed.

    if our culture do not learn to establish educatonal excellence in their country and sends its children packing of for an undergrad education taking loans of the government to the US and UK, it shows how much we devalue ourselves. Don't get me wrong - a global education is great, but to not value Indian education ( shown by many indian ecompanies ) is a testimony to the unworthiness of ourself.

    Finally, we should make our binoculars larger - I say this all the time don't i!

    About china being ruthless ? In the list of how ruthless a country is - US tops the list - it does so in a manner that others won't realise - I do not not know if you know the meaning of word "Mitichuri" in Hindi - that is what US is - They are selfish and callous and calculated and diplomatic and they know it too and yet they appear very sweet ! . Too bad that the country is facing economical issues, because of their own created structural problems, but they made others pay for it. don't they ( india is not in a recession - well that is another matter) india is a cost cutting nation for US.

    Intelligence and knowledge, Indians can always boast, but when it comes to acquiring power, and articulating their own case and putting forth their views,and taking decisions and putting themselves on the map as the most powerful nation that the citizens can be proud of they come last on the list of 190 coountries of the world .

  9. I think India can become strong if they stop beleiving some corroupt politicians and all work towards growth. Otherwise it will not be late for china to tart another indo-china war.

    No one ask here what happened after the mumbai attack? Is India stil waiting for bigger incidents to occur?

  10. I think what George Ferbadez foolishly said a few years back is very true: China is India's biggest threat, no doubt about that. Though the man received some stick for talking loudly a well-known truth it will be worthwhile to reassess the situation now.

    The tables seem to be changing HK, you said it right. Know what, money matters in this world, be it a capitalist or a communist world.

    Pakistan was never a major threat to India, afterall that country is on the verge of self-destruction and liquidation after all their own locally bred and fed terrorists now turned against them, lol. China is no peanut-brain like the Pakis, something India should be very wary of. We've some catching up to do to but I feel we'll be better off with US being the big-bully than China. What say?

  11. BKC: yes.. we are talking to the "hurt" Pakistan... and they continue to cry like a wounded rabbit...while the terrorists continue to be trained in their soil and now they seem to have acquired more sophisticated weapons.. from China too?

    Kamini.. thank you.. i corrected the link...

    Yes... awards should leave us with respect and awe for the person.. instead we are shocked and awed at the audacity of it all....

    as for China, guess US has no way out now.. China does have an upper hand...

  12. Anrosh: guess I should have said openly ruthless.. while US as usual hides it...

    "india will always "defend" even when they are right."

    This is what irks us.. and we dont want our leaders doing it anymore...

    Abhi: nd when shall they decide to change is the one is going to wait for India..

  13. Scorpio: China is the threat and GF said it right...and hence US is siding balance the power they say....

    and Pakistan continues to be a pawn for all...

  14. I think china is flexing its arms after the google issue. they are going the wrong way if you ask me... and soon will suffer for it..

  15. Though it is on China's own interest, it is no secret that US has/is still playing a major role in the conflicts worldwide, by granding weapons to all kind of groups/extremists/countries, fighting against their rivals. Just like "enemy of enemy is a friend". Nobody dares question their strategies, and if China impose sanctions based on that, it is tit for tat.

    India probably needs a strong stand, aware of its strengths and weakness.

    Oh dear, what would happen to those recession hit countries if China impose sanctions on them! Dark Ages?! Here in Italy, lion's share of the market is based on Chinese products.

  16. Maddy: Maybe US did miscalculate as usual and is now forced into this position... they have to either forgo certain privilege or bow to China..

    Rocksea: even here the market is flooded with Chinese goods.. except in food items, it is very difficult to pick up an item without the Chinese tag...

  17. what i admire about their ability to call shots on their own...or in other words having a spine...India starts with gruntling noises but soon whistles out...i hope we learn to stand on our terms!

  18. Mathew: Let us hope that even India learns to call the shots..

    BTW, we are missing your posts...


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