Sunday, April 11, 2010

PG comes to the resue...

With the Maoists on their prowl and when it seems that even the "only saviour of the poor and downtrodden" Arundhati Roy is not able to offer a solution :) , it is time for a break...

When our PM has yet again gone to praise Obama and hopes to get nothing in return, it is time to take a break....

It is when I remembered that I had a good collection of PG Wodehouse to be enjoyed. Just finished "A Damsel in Distress" and I am now enjoying "Love among Chickens". 

PG rocks any day!


  1. hey comon..there are solutions...Manmohan has to show some spine..

    And Indian ruling elite has to have some real feelings for d poor...

  2. Jon: one thought our PM would show spine after the people gave him the mandate, but looks like even he was made to blv that the mandate was for Sonia!

    yes... the Indian ruling elite better act, else none will be sad if the Maoists turn their guns onto them..
    but then have u wondered why it has not happened so far?
    all in the game?

  3. Arundhati Roy has lost it.. to support a criminal movement slaughtering our own soldiers and me! No excuse whatsoever should justify violence.

  4. It is in a mess.
    Anudhati Roy must at least npw wake up.
    Untill then, enjoy PG

  5. If PM does show some spine our so called "intelligentsia" will rush post haste to protest at high decibels.

    Another PGW fan...may their tribe increase :)

  6. Scorpio: no excuse for violence and the Govt better act even if some are laden with guilt..

    BKC: PG is a relief, while I did hope PC our Home Minister would come as a relief...

    Dreamer: ah.. thought so... even u have a similar style of humor and am waiting to read more from u..

  7. Violence and slaughtering poor soldiers are not at all a excuse for everything.Surely gvnmnt should take some strict action to make everything alright...itz very disturbing to hear all these

  8. Kitten:
    Well...what is the difference between Freedom movement and Terrorist movement me!!

    So I would like to ask some people who calls the movement criminal, would you call Indian freedom movement too as criminal, terrorist? Why are we not showing any sort of sympathy for the oppressed people? The answer is simple- They are fighting us!

    And don't tell me that the government has its hands clean in Dantewada. Why would the SC ban much hyped and publicised Salwa Judum!

    And all the politicians winning from those areas do so with the support of Maoists... So picture is too murky.

  9. Jon: think I missed this comment of yours... yes the picture is murky, and we should not call everyone a terrorist.. but why are they killing the innocent and those who can never be of harm to anyone?
    why do we hear of exhortion whereby the rich are left to do business if they pay up just like the Mumbai underworld.. so I guess it is not as rosy as we think..

    If newspapers reports can be blvd, then this report tells something..

  10. ah! PGW and jeeves, nothing to beat them on any day..

  11. Maddy: nd one can relate to the present times too.. nd that is the beauty of it...


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