Friday, January 7, 2011


The vision of SAI India represents what we aspire to become: We strive to be a global leader and initiator of national and international best practices in public sector auditing and accounting and recognised for independent, credible, balanced and timely reporting on public finance and governance.

Just when this organization is celebrating it's 150 years of existence, Kapil Sibal tells the nation that it is made up of fools!

Will Kapil step aside and give his seat back to A. Raja?


  1. The real question is whether any of these processes are genuine.I seriously doubt the genuinety of any of our organizations.One way or other,they are all manipulated by politicians.

  2. Dr.: I think the our politicians over the years have brought down the credibility of every institution in India and the latest being CAG. They have made honest people to appear as fools.
    Atleast for my own sanity sake, I would like to believe that this organization did their job and even our Supreme Court is surprised at Kapil's comments.

    The apex court also wondered how telecom minister Kapil Sabil could doubt the CAG finding when on that very basis the CVC had asked the CBI to register a case in the 2G scam.

    Read more: SC issues notice to centre on plea seeking cancellation of 2G licence - The Times of India


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