Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The only Winners...

The list of MLA's and their details.

With wonder we can look at just the declared assets, and imagine how much more in "binami" names/accounts!

A rich state indeed and the Gods in God's Own country have indeed been very benevolent to the poor people serving leaders.

The Congress Party and the rest..

and this contains the richest of the whole lot....

The Muslim League

The Communist Party


  1. The assets declared are only peanut-skins. The real glitz is stashed away outside or in binami mode.

  2. our CM too has one criminal case against him! Lead kindly light, eh? ;)

  3. Anil: Very true... nd after every 5 years it rises exponentially :)

    Anish: Oh yes... and hence he has got the likes of them around him too... let us see how many more cases they shall add after the 5 years.. in case they stay!

  4. I don,t believe in these statements.I feel like laughing when I see them in papers.No wonder there is 400 lakh crores stacked away, in European banks!

  5. Here are some eye-popping numbers for you:

    Jagan Mohan Reddy: The Prince of Cash

    Barely a month before his father Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy became CM in May 2004, Jagan's total declared earnings for 2003-04 were a paltry Rs 9,19,951. Jagan recently paid an advance tax of Rs 84 crore for the first six months of 2010-11 on a projected annual income of around Rs 500 crore. Which means his income is slated to go vertical by more than 5,000 per cent this year.

  6. Poor will remain poor only, they just feel jealous about others well being.

  7. Dr: Of course there is much more not accounted for.. but this is at least a start.. nd when our leaders talk non stop about Gandhian values, the public can at least have a good laugh!

    Uptake: Jagan and his father has indeed out done everyone. But sadly a section of the society continues to depend heavily on such leaders for their basic rights. This is the real India after more than 60 years of independance.
    nd compared to them those from Kerala seems to have done at least a bit of distribution of wealth :)

  8. Anon:You and I may not be poor because of various reasons.. but let us not decide that every poor person is at fault if they face poverty and please do not decide that one is jealous when one points out the ill gotten wealth of our leaders.

    A country like ours which can produce people who adorn magazines like Forbes should be capable of bridging the ever widening gap between the rich and the poor.
    If the leaders who have been entrusted with this work or power continues to make sure that only themselves and a few others become "super rich" then India shall always be called a "developing nation".

    nd it is not great to be a nation which is estimated to have a third of the world's poor and definitley not when it has every means to improve.


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