Monday, October 10, 2011

Please join them..


If you lock up businessmen, will investment come: Law Minister.....

This minister has the nerve to say that the judiciary should take heed of the "political economy"  before doing their job!

If his concern is genuine, then it is time he joined these businessmen in jail so as to give them good company and the nation a big favour.

But is this not an offense in itself?

Is he not abusing his power?



  1. It is when you hear these oratory that you thank your stars that the Indian anarchy is functioning democracy.

  2. now a days its true as they say in hamam me sab nange hain...

  3. Anil: but we are still burdened with them and today the whole party has backed him, saying that one should not paint every business firm black.. no one is doing that.. nd their poster boy says the following:
    Yes, if there are any aberrations, the people who are responsible for those aberrations must be brought to book.
    .. yea.. so why complain?

    Renu: Very true... guess some of these aberrations in politics also need to enjoy jail terms..

  4. The audacity of political criminals is astounding. In the country of laloo prasads, one should not be surprised of such comments !


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