Sunday, March 10, 2013

Storm the jails?

Justice Markandey Katju has concluded his blog post thus:

I, therefore appeal to the people of India, and particularly to the Media, to avoid doing anything which may fan or promote communal hatred and animosity, and exercise restraint in reporting cases of bomb blasts and other terrorist activities.


And he also says the following:

The recent case of Amir who was arrested when he was 17 years old and kept for 14 years in jail until he was found innocent by the Court, illustrates the gross injustice which is often done to Muslims in India.  There are a large number of such cases of false implication of Muslims in bomb blast cases.  
The whole country knows that all Muslims are not terrorists. And in my opinion the public has shown much restraint after each blasts.

As for the media, it was only doing a job: how mean or cruel it seems to be. But no riots ensued because of the same and in fact even Muslims were killed in the recent cowardly attack.

But my angst is as to why a retired judge is telling the public all this, since it is neither the media nor the public who nabs people and put them in jail. The only role the public plays is fall prey to terror attacks whenever it happens.

But while as a Judge has he done anything to ensure justice to those arrested wrongly? Since I am not sure, let me assume he did. And now that he is retired can he do more to change the attitude of the police and the judiciary? Maybe hold classes and repeat whatever he has penned on his blog? Do a bit more and get the "police reforms " that is only paper now into action? Else I shall never understand what he hopes to achieve by preaching to the public and the media. 

For the public it only matters that there has been no let down from the terrorists and how much ever the media white washes there lives among them a few hell bent on continuing with their acts. And the public also does not want any innocent to languish in jails. But what role does the public play in this game of arrests and detainment?

So tell me esteemed Judge.. what do you really want?

Do you want the public to storm the jails and free the prisoners whenever they are jailed?


  1. It seems that Justice Katju speaks without thinking!

    I agree with you- there is not much that the general pubic can do. It is upto the courts to dispose of cases quickly. And upto the government to streamline the system so that this is possible.

    1. Manju: Even I fail to understand him unless he is trying to please someone. Yes.. the courts need to dispose the cases quickly and if they lack manpower then they should hire. The govt can do much in getting the system to work.

  2. I like you , am not in any position to comment on the Justice's judgments and rulings while he was in the chair. So I assume that he was forthright and fair and seldom erred.

    I do not want to specifically express ire or reservations about his comment in question here. But let me just bring to your notice ( if you already are not aware) of something sickening, and ridiculous that was aired in competition by all the Mallu TV channels yesterday and live. Abdul Nazer Madani's daughters wedding was telecast live and the pictures in live of political ( leftists) bigwigs standing shoulder to shoulder with the man Madani sends wrong signals and not ideas of communal harmony.

    Madani's parole, his departure from Bangalore prison, the delayed flight etc was the main news on TV channels and of much discussions on TV.

    Here was a man, who all know was the kingpin in many acts of violence upon the society and if he was found not guilty in the Coimabatore blast case it was only due to the lack of evidence.And that largess that democracy gives to even hard core anti socials was provided to him and he was benefited.

    The whole priority of the news cast was irresponsible to say the least.

    Yes Asha, media is the villain too. Responsible reporting has taken back seat and sensationalism and news that enhances rating has taken over.

  3. Anil: Media can be sickening... but that does not absolve the judiciary and police from their responsibilities. As for Madani, even I wondered the same. Where are we heading to? and now we have a rape victim killed..or committed suicide..however one wants to believe it.
    But for all the media reporting, the public has not resorted to violence after the Hyderabad blasts. The public had enough and no amount of preaching is going to change anything until the judiciary itself wakes up since it is the last resort of ordinary people.

  4. In my opinion,Katju,must think of consequences on society before he speaks.He has held responsible positions in judiciary.
    But,it is for him to draw a balance

    1. BKC: Yes.. he speaks with some other agenda in mind. He should know how Indian judiciary works and what is to be done to change it too. Instead if he chooses to waste his time by being frivolous then it is time he corrected himself.

  5. Renu has left a new comment on your post "Storm the jails?":

    All muslims are not terrorist but most terrorists are muslims..
    and what restraint he is talking about, Indians are the most tolerant people, see what happened in US, they became paranoid.

    1. Renu you are right..If India was half as paranoid as the US we would have had mayhem in this country! Thank God!

  6. thoughtful post
    Truth must be told even if its bitter and even if hurts anyone no matter what happens.
    problem is our laws are useless As you said Mr. Amir was not guilty in USA in such cases he would have got 10 or 150 Milloin dollars in fine.
    Here nothing happens.

    1. Yes..truth must be told even if it hurts..nd only then it will lead to debates. Yes..our legal system needs overhauling.

  7. It's really difficult to determine who is guilty, who is innocent and to what extent. Because, obviously, no criminal leaves trails. And, to complicate matters, there are a lot of grey areas when it comes to terrorist links. One man's legitimate fighter is another man's terrorist.

  8. But I think every criminal leaves a trail and can be apprehended if one is allowed to. A man who works against the nation and kills innocents should be called a terrorist and we shouldnt try to find grey areas.


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