Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A secular nation?

We proudly call our nation multi-religious while forgetting the fact that this alone has killed many over the years! Why is that secularism does not work for India but it works for many others? Does the fault lie with our constitution? Or is it the blood of innocents over whom this nation was formed? Even if India did not have to shed much blood fighting for independence, it had to shed much over partition.More than a million they say. Did it all start from there? Will it's ghost never leave this nation?

Let us recall that the majority inherited this nation while the minority trusted the majority enough, to share this nation. Yet, there are a few among the minority as well as the majority who continue to feel insecure enough to fear each other. The politicians continue to fan this insecurity while they build their empire. Let me not blame one party alone since riots have occurred under both the major parties. If there was a 2002 Gujarat riot under BJP, there has been others under the Congress too. I mentioned Gujarat since this is where the nation's conscience stand rooted. From where it refuse to budge. But it is not from where it all started. If one party does it under the secular banner, the other under the Hinduvata banner.

Have a look at the various massacres that took place in India over the years and see the number of precious lives lost. Most of these massacres have been communal in nature.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_massacres_in_India

Communal riots are seldom caused spontaneously and very rarely caused by religious animosity. They are mostly caused due to conflicting political interests, which are often linked to economic interests. 

And in all these riots the police force was reduced to a mute spectator or an active party to the killing. A chronology of riots as reported by Hindustan Times details how police have always been let loose. I believe that before each religious killing or riots, there will be a smoldering time. The small fire from it all starts. Why is that this nation has never been able to douse this fire but does everything to fan it? I also continue to believe that the minute this smoldering starts, killers begin to sharpen their weapons. They have always been ready and yet our police and political party pretend not see them. You and me may never do the act, but there are those who have been trained to do so. Yes, those who are governing the state and the police force are responsible. Yet, over the years we have seen none of them being punished. Why? Are our courts biased too?

Police reforms may help they say. I believe too. The duty of the police is only to serve the people. They should never be a tool for the politicians to play with lives. Make them independent? Other nations are doing it, why not India? How much worse can it get, if it so? A force not governed by each state but as a separate entity. A force whose only duty is to protect the masses. What can go wrong? If there are mistakes, this will be more visible and can be easily punished?

Let the police force be politically neutral. Let them be recruited from a central pool and transferred like the bank employees. Let them be paid well for a start.

2014 LS elections are nearing. Do I have hopes for any positive change. Why should there be? On one side is the so called secular party trying to woo the minorities by all means while on the other side is the party for the majority trying to woo the majority. Will anything change on the ground? Or will both these parties lose and political mongering bring about an even more worse situation?

Let me end this by praying that any party which comes to power in 2014 will concentrate on building more toilets!

You will agree with me once you see the toilet map of our nation.


  1. I heard an astrologer say that India is going to face a massive change from 2012 onwards.
    A new India will emerge soon.

  2. I wish a change: for the good...let it come!

  3. A new India? I do not want an India in which her people slit the neighbours throat .
    You are right communal violence has been a tool for all parties to garner votes. The BJP ruled govt in Gujarat did that more systematically and surely. Remember even the Marxist were hand in glove with the PDP of Abdul Nazer Madani in the election before the last.
    Religious and ethnic strife, including crusades killed more people on this planet than the two great wars put together. But in India we as Churchill prophesized we excel in anarchy. Remember there was no religious and communal strife in India before the partition of Bengal and before the East Indian Cos mechanization beginning with the so called mutiny of 1857.
    I do not for a wee bit believe that things will change in India, The mindset will not. How could you change the police as they too are from the same society?
    If there is a God or if there are Gods for Hindus , Christians, Muslims , they all will have to come down and do something about this pathetic ways we have taken after.

    1. Anil, things have to change somehow..and I will not blame BJP alone..and will not agree with you that only they have been systematic. The country needs to shift focus away from Gujarat. At least let us remember that Gujarat has no more communal violence. I am still not sure if it is out of fear of Modi. If it is so, let us have an account of the number of Muslims who may have left Gujarat fearing Modi and the number who are still helpless in Gujarat. Until the media does an honest attempt to do this, there is no point talking about Gujarat.

      Yes..religion has killed the most over the years. And no religion has escaped from it too.

  4. I dont think police and govt will ever change, instead people themselves will have to form groups and bring awareness..may be education for everyone ...

    1. Renu, you are right..but even if the people change, the police can always let the willing do the killing?

  5. who ever comes to power bjp or congress
    nothing is going to change
    unless we choose new political party

    1. The AAP? let us see if they win in Delhi and how they will perform

  6. I was listening to the comment made by Meera nandan about toilets in the movie Kadal kadonnoru Mathukutty, very apt.......I think the awareness in India is also increasing as people travel more and are getting exposed to the facilities enjoyed outside the country.
    about the police, less said the better, they still believe good policing is by being violent brutes...

    1. Yes.. things have to change somehow..and maybe it will

  7. india is not a secular nation

  8. We have reached a saturation point.Only option for the party coming into power in 2014 is good governance.We have a glimpse of what is coming in from the opinion poll results.

  9. We have reached a saturation point. The party coming into power after 2014 elections will have no option except good governance. We have got a glimpses of the things to come from the results of the opinion polls.

  10. A warm welcome to this blog which I hope to revive soon :)

    Yes..we have reached a saturation point and AAP has won remarkably.. let us wait and see how everything unfolds.

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