Sunday, July 26, 2015


As a kid or as an adult one may have experienced the exciting feeling during a ride on a giant wheel or a roller coaster or even plain sliding on a smooth floor, until it stops suddenly with a screech or maybe soundlessly. It is only you who experienced it until you join the rest who walks around normally. It is this same feeling that I now experience after both the kids have flown the nest. It was an exciting, never stopping, nerve wracking experience similar to a giant wheel or a roller coaster. You chose it and then something or someone took control of everything. All you could do was either enjoy, scream, laugh or even cry. But now that I am out of it, it is like standing alone and trying to make a sense of it all. You are back on solid ground. But what do you do?

Still trying to figure out what I shall do.. maybe the world will throw me something or maybe I would need to grab something myself.


  1. No other choice but to jump? :) but it is maddening.. and our parents experienced this too..

  2. No. No other choice. As for our parents that was different time and age. By the way how many parents from the old sent their kids out to study? werent we all kept in the
    cloister that was home?

  3. Mine did, after my 10th class. Had to move far away since a good college was not available near by. And then many move out for jobs? But times are different since now the number of children are less unlike before. Earlier, at least the youngest was forcefully detained so that the parents could be looked after.


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