Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Our feline friends

Just thought I shall save the photos of our feline friends that I took on my mobile. They came into our lives and eventually left/died but gave us great happiness during their short stay.

The mother who feeds them all...
Perfect harmony

Brotherly love, if only for a season..the little fellow eventually drove the big fellow away..

Cats hug their little ones..
When the whole family invades....

What is more cuter?

The only one still left.. still grumpy as ever..


  1. I am a cat fan. At one point, we had 10, including very tiny kittens. Friends adopted a few. One (a mom) never returned after she went for an outing. Now we have four. Always good fun to have them around. Nice photos and captions.

  2. I love both cats and dogs.. cats can be selfish unlike dogs but yes they are fun loving. The big mother cat felt too harried and left the little one under my care and eventually the sister took him under her wings... one of her brood was very loving, used to climb all the way up to my shoulders. She died of some sickness... the cat stories can fill a book :)


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