Monday, January 29, 2007

Democracy at work

Finally we see democracy at work in the US with the recent anti-war demonstration.

Although it has come late, it is a welcoming sight. Couldnt understand when those who opposed the war were thought to be disloyal and not patriotic. It is high time America got out of the mess but the damage is already done. The world hates America even more and it has created heroes out of monsters.

Everyone knows that for a country like Iraq, Saddam was the best solution. They are not ready for democracy, not yet. The Sunni - Shia hatred has been re-kindled and now it will drag the neighbouring countries into it. Saudi with the Sunnis and Iran with the Shias.

And all this was predicted much earlier, before America plunged into this war. I hope they learn their lesson from this mistake. WAR should always be the last RESORT. War is dirty since there are many who want the war for their own interests.

Dont know why I keep writing only abt this bloody war! have to think of something else!

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