Thursday, February 1, 2007

A foolproof Formula for Success by ARTHUR GORDON.. adapted from the Readers Digest

If a man is to move to the top and be entrusted with command decisions, there must be a plus factor, something that takes mere ability and doubles or trebles its effectiveness. To describe this magic characteristic there’s only one word: INTEGRITY

Basically, the word means wholeness. In mathematics, an integer is a number that isn’t divided into fractions. Similarly, a man of integrity isn’t divided against himself. He doesn’t think one thing and say another – so it is virtually impossible for him to lie. He doesn’t believe in one thing and do another – so he is not in conflict with his principles. It is the absence of inner warfare, that gives a man the extra energy and clarity of thought that make achievement inevitable.

Integrity means:

1- Living up to the best in yourself.
2- Having a high developed sense of honour.
3- Having a conscience and listening to it.
4- Having the courage of your convictions.
5- Obedience to the unenforceable.
And when a person has integrity, he has..
- boldness
- persistence
- serenity
and mind you it is difficult too but it is worth it..

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