Saturday, March 17, 2007

Woman - A Mother

Hope I dont sound like a feminist... well.. i am not a feminist.. though I do believe that every woman ought to be strong and should have a strong mind of her own....

If one should ask me to talk about the fairer sex, I have just one thing to tell her, prepare yourself to be a “MOTHER”.

This is the most important task a women has been entrusted with- to be the perfect mother to her children. From the day she is born, a girl should be trained in such a way that beside the normal education like a boy, she should be aware of the future responsibility that she is expected to bear, the responsibility of being a mother.

Let every women take this responsibility seriously and work towards it. Though circumstances may force her to take up a career, let her not neglect her main responsibility of being mother to her children. She can do it. The mental satisfaction in being a successful mother will be much more than in having a successful career.

If one finds a wayward child I would hold the mother more responsible than the father. But let the fathers listen too, they should not be just sitting idle, if they have been brought up by a “mother’ they should in every way help their wives in this noble task of bringing up future mothers and fathers.

Let the childless adopt a child. There is nothing wrong in it. If you have love to give, give it and you can take more in return. When you become a good mother to a child you don’t have to worry whether it is your own, you will see the result.

So women, train yourself to be a perfect mother…. the future of this world rests in your little but strong and faithful hands.


  1. U r very much correct and and this thought is good for future generations .
    Cheers and very glad

  2. Well Suresh.. thanks for passing by. thought I am the only one reading my blog!

    Have a nice day..


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