Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I wish..

Let me believe in re-birth. Only this will comfort me at the moment. What else can I say after reading the headlines of today's newspapers..

Saudi woman strip-searched for having coffee with a man.. and she was stripped by men!

My only wish is that all those men are soon reborn as women. Let them enjoy the delights of being a woman.


  1. heinous ....

    only in saudi can such things happen..


  2. i know, my wife tells the same every now & then about malefolk..

    but then, having lived in riyadh for many years, i find it a bit difficult to digest that a devout muttawa stripped a married woman, Maybe he really harrased her and she decided to make life difficult in retaliation.

    on the other hand, it could have been a not so devout crank muttawa.

    check this link out about Abdullah's new decree..

  3. Its good that we are still outraged by such things.Even if we can't do anything about it.In one way,it makes us more aware and grateful for the freedom in which we bask.

  4. This is utter non-sense day by day the of male Chauvinism. The incident at mumbai wasn't enough that these people have degraded themselves so much.

    These people shouldn't forget its the same lady who is your mohter sister and wife..

  5. I must say I like your blog. I've always been on the lookout for bloggers who wrote on hard hitting issues.

    I'd like to link ur blog under "Blogs I read" ... hope you wont mind.


  6. dr: I hope so.. but cant forget Afganishtan and Iran
    maddy: ah. now why did she say that to you?
    Kallu: Yes.. arnt we the lucky lot?
    S4: Now the media has forgotten the Mumbai incident.. wonder what happened.

    Alex: Hard hitting? it is more like hitting my own head! Sure u may add me....

  7. sorry - posted the reply in the roundabout blog!!


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