Monday, February 4, 2008

What a mess!

I think I am close to the plan.. LOL.

The authorities have managed to transform a peaceful, smoothly running traffic to the worst traffic nightmares one can ever conjure.

It all started with the construction of a roundabout on the Airport road. There was never a need for one since there was never a problem, but then we thought they had conjured up something good! Little did we realize how it could affect our whole to and fro trip to our work place! Luckily there is a vast no man’s land which is now used by almost all the vehicles to avoid this wondrous creation. It is a ride through the sands but it is much better than the present chaos.

But I would like to see the Engineer who drew the plan for this motorway...(very close to what I did, I am sure!) I mean people have quietly accepted this road and he is getting away with it. But does anyone benefit from traffic jams? Beats me!


  1. Been there, sure is crowded.

    Don't know how it was before though.

    I have also decided to take the Off-Road - Route

    Don't know if it was needed or not.. but.. about the round-about.. I think all the round-abouts have the same traffic flow as this one.

    the area that the round-about covers might be different, but the traffic flow thing is the same for all the round-abouts.. (I might be mistaken.. but... err... I have been to this one about 4 times now, as much as i hate the traffic congestion, I don't think the round about traffic flow has anything different from the any other round about)

  2. I thought roundabouts are built to ease traffic.... but this doesnt but brings the traffic to standstill during peak hours which was never the case earlier..
    maybe they could have built one more track instead of such a big circle inside..

  3. Yeah

    Actually a flyover would have been even better

    All I wanted to say was.. the traffic flow scheme is the same for all the round-abouts, this isn't any different.

    Of course, the traffic situation is a mess.. and perhaps a flyover or an extra lane (widening the road) would have helped to a greater degree

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  5. Hi, if m not interfering..:) just wanted to say there is law for roads, higways bridges in kuwait, the big construction consultants r competiting each other, they r hiring the best professionals for design constructiosn n even for townplanning n highway designs...
    but honestly speaking i hv no idea which area n round aboud u guys r talking but plz drop the idea of meeting eng. LOL :)

  6. lol. Its seems like a circus for me. no1 can fantom what is all these about!! lucky you have a by pass to go.. here in bangalore we have no choice but to get stuck!!

  7. I would love to see how the new one in Salmiya and the Sheraton round about turns out!!

  8. i am a bit surprised - roundabouts worked very well in UK, but of course it took me time to get adjusted to that concept!!

  9. that all men shd be recreated as women the next generation - only then will they know what we face!!!


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