Saturday, May 24, 2008

In Denial Mode...

Just like Santhosh Madhavan and other’s even Thanku Brother is in the denial mode at present. As for his followers like Thomas, they are either too shocked to digest the news or they knew all along. Was amused to see that none of the major print and TV media picked up the news earlier, specially the ones popular among the Christians. They had to wait until the youth wing of the BJP marched to the “Heavenly” premises.

Never knew that Thanku had gone a step ahead and recruited even a District Medical Officer. A raid is going on today to unearth further evidence.

Miracles do happen and God works through people. A doctor is an instrument in God’s hands. Your prayer can lead you to the right doctor and the right medicines. But I was shocked to watch this DMO say on TV that there is no need of any medicines. This brought to my mind about the death of a boy who was my younger sister’s class mate in school. Though he was a bright student he was often sick since he was suffering from a heart disease. The problem was that the parents refused to continue medicines since they became a part of a Christian sect who believed that God alone will cure him without any medical treatments. His death in class 9th affected his classmates a lot. When they went to the funeral they were even more shocked to see the Pastor busy preaching while the Parents seemed to not mind about the death.

People like Thomas feels that moving away from the traditional churches solves all their problems without realizing that they would be at the mercy of the so called Pastors and Gurus. Even the Church cannot solve your problems until you yourself have faith.


  1. The major print media gets the maximum ads from them. Most of their ads or of similar religion-based ads runs pages and just like the govt being hypocritical when it comes to deciding on imposing taxes on evils or banning them, they opt for the former and speaks words which can't be heard because their actions are louder. Religious prejudices too influence the media I guess... It has all devolved into a game on finding who has the most number of frauds in their own sect!!!

    We haven't understood the whole picture yet and I don't think any healing ministry can claim 100% healing success rate. But, that is not because miracles have ceased to happen, it could be more because of our lack of knowledge in that area. Going to Drs for healing won't lead us to condemnation (There is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ (Rom 8:1)) like using taxis when we don't know how to drive or are learning to drive. It doesn't happen overnight either. We have to be persistent in knowing Him more and how things are possible beyond what we think, see or hear according to the power (His) that worketh in us (Eph 1 :19; Eph 3:20 etc). We might be using a 4x4 @ just 15 km/hour in city limits but that doesn't mean it is because the vehicle doesn't have the power to clock 100 plus. God had used His grace and power through me several times to heal different diseases (including 2 cancer patients last week), most of them rejected by Drs who were limited in their knowledge. But, knowing their ignorance in their word, I never told them not to approach Drs etc. Instead, I counselled them for hours each day and made them understand the word and understanding their inheritance etc. I didn't ask them to leave their denomination etc but gently led them to know the Healer, who happens to be their Dad too. And their visit to Drs have only turned out to be a greater testimony since it is documented now... But, using this to gain monetarily for myself is something I couldn't think of or it kills my purpose of God being glorified and being known to His children. I always like to serve the Lord but it shouldn't be at the expense (or profiting) of earning from other's ignorance.

    Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland etc and their ministries are being investigated upon for their accountablity. What is happening in Kerala is a miniature. Check out

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  3. I guess my earlier notes were lost. I don't have the original either. Just a small note on healing. Salvation, health, deliverance and prosperity are inherited through our sonship through Jesus and it is definitely true in the spiritual realm. It is just like using a car; we may know how to drive it but if we don't know about the de-mister function, we could travel blind when the glasses are fogged up during winter (My experience here in the UK. My friend had to show me the de-mister almost a year later). Likewise, when we are sick, we may not understand fully the inheritance of being healed by the stripes of Jesus but it is not something to be condemned by those who know it but rather they should help others to get to know it.

    Recently, my friend's wife; she is just 27 and was diagnosed with 3 different types of cancer and the Doctors were really puzzled at what was happening.

    During this time, I was constantly on the phone with my friend and counselled him through the word and some teachings (which I know and have experienced first-hand). I had to educate him and his wife to know that it was not some sorta punishment for their sins and that the sickness was from God.
    We could all doubt in any relationship when the relationship is too cold than close. Wrong teachings could also cause unbelief and ignorance. There was another friend here in UK, who was diagnosed with Cancer. I did the same with him too. Last week, they were both tested negative. The former took more time since reading the Bible as a personal letter from their Dad was something new to them. But, I never told them not to go to Drs etc because I know the effects of hypocrisy, when you mouth something you don't believe. It could only get worse. Further, visiting Drs has only documented the healing.

    None of us can claim perfection in any of these areas but the objective definitely should be leaving even if it takes time to arrive to Christlikensss.

    And it hardly means, that the church I attend had anything to do with it or that I should start my own church, websites, media ads etc claiming and gaining on others' ignorance. I am glad that they are attending the same church they belong and they are reading and meditating the word more which would enable to know Father God and whom He has sent (John 17:3)

  4. @MV thanks for the comments and may the Almighty work further through you. I believe the treatment for cancer worked once the patient developed faith in the Almighty.

  5. Thanks, happy kitten! Again a humble correction, when we believe Jesus, we are the temple in which He lives, moves etc. We have faith of Jesus in us (Gal 2:20, 2 Pet. 1:1). The difference in experiencing the results is proportional to the measure we use. For eg, driving a sports car in city limits and highways. In the former instance we might be able to drive just under 15 miles per hour and the latter above 100 plus. It has nothing to do with the power but everything to do with how much is used.

  6. pray to God for the variety of Thomas and Tessy to give them sense ...


  7. When we believe Jesus, we are the temple in which He lives, moves etc. We have faith of Jesus in us (Gal 2:20, 2 Pet. 1:1). The difference in experiencing the results is proportional to the measure we use not the measure we possess which is given in equal measure as per the Word. For eg, driving a sports car in city limits and highways. In the former instance we might be able to drive just under 15 miles per hour and the latter above 100 plus. It has nothing to do with the power but everything to do with how much is used. Though the recipient's unbelief, doubt, fear etc could negate the effects of faith, the one ministering should use faith with the least or nil unbelief. Even Jesus couldn't do any miracles in His hometown because of their unbelief (Mat 13:58, Mar 6:6 etc).

    Most of the traditional churches err in either making convenient theories on miracles having passed away with the apostles etc which couldn't be proved by the scriptures. Even unbelievers could claim victory in healing if operating in the laws of faith. It is just like law of gravity. We don't have to discover it for it to be operable. Lack of education or wrong education with wrong theories to cop out on failed attempts has created more unbelief than power of faith and this is one of the areas where new denominations exploit.

    We buy take-aways (parcels) from KFC and the sauce, salt, pepper etc are free. But, what we need is the chicken. All these ads are for freebies (healing, prosperity etc) and it is a shame that gullible people are carried away and miss what they really need and they pay for what is free. When we seek the Lord and His kingdom, all these things are just added unto us (Mat 6:33). That is, the accessories come free with the car. The car is more important...

    The rebuke below from Elisha to his servant Gehazi should clear all doubts whether healing of the spirit, soul and body should be administered free. It would be good to read the whole chapter. Jesus too commanded similarly in Mathew 10 specifically saying that what you have received freely, you should give free. Abraham in Genesis when helping Lot and the King of Sodom didn't take a penny from him. God's children are too blessed so that they could give and they will never beg for food (Deut 28: 1-14).

    2 Kings 5:26-27 And he said unto him, Went not mine heart with thee, when the man turned again from his chariot to meet thee? Is it a time to receive money, and to receive garments, and oliveyards, and vineyards, and sheep, and oxen, and menservants, and maidservants? 27 The leprosy therefore of Naaman shall cleave unto thee, and unto thy seed for ever. And he went out from his presence a leper as white as snow.


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