Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The last say........

Let me have the last say on this topic of fake healers and pastors since this is my blog.

Frankly speaking, I never expected such aggressiveness from some of the readers. But I let them rant and rave to the point of throwing insults (from people who claim to have come closer to God) to expose the so called “Believers” who seems to have discovered “something” which the rest of us have do not have. These are the followers of the so called “Healers” and “Pastors” who are on a direct mission from God. The comments made one our friends say that it has made him hate the so called “born agains” even more, while others (specially my Hubby) thought that I was too mild in answering them or some felt that I should not have published the comments at all. While I thank each for their concern, I feel I had to do what I did.

I believe faith starts from home and I am thankful that my parents handed over to me solid faith to carry me through this life. While I don’t deny completely the role of the traditional churches in this, on landing in Gulf soon after my marriage I had only my Hubby to lean upon and on facing many difficulties and hurdles, I did not have to run to anyone but God. The prayers of mine and of those who loved me carried me on. The support system of family, friends and church doesn’t work here in Gulf for most of us and we are left on our own during the initial years. But God was there at every difficult moment of my life. And yes, I faced many difficulties since I had left a “comfort zone” for a life that was completely different. I can call some of them "miracles" too. But I still have a long way to go and I am still learning but I am thankful that God has given me the intelligence to discern.

Let the Government,the Traditional Churches and the public do what they should do....


  1. Dear Sir,
    you said it all right.
    People like Tanku, K.P Yohannan all have a common Ajenda. Make money and plenty of it in god's name. But what these people have done to christian faith is unforgivable.Other day a young cousin of mine asked me, " what about these people , why is god allowing it". " Or is there really a god?" .
    I just could not answer.
    Earlier it was Dinakaran who charged monthly for any prayer request. His buisnees empire was for all to see.
    K.P Yohannan on the other hand used every trick of the book to project to the western world that christians in india are being slaughtered and is still continuing as if the Rs 200 crores per annum donations still not enough. The recent addtion to his personal wealth, the 250 acre estate is not enough to satisfy the greed, all in god's name.

    'Tanku' may be pretender of the lot, more cunning and street wise having been a con artist from the younger age. And if unhindered he may end up at the top in the league of wealthiest pastors.

    There are People still attend his gatherings even though he is safely enjoying in thailand.
    The fundemental question is why do people don't realize the facts. The man has huge investments in real estate, His house being built in kottayam is with the money donated for the poor by the kind hearted people. If you really want to find the magnanimity of the those contributed, you should see the house itself. It is such a huge one.

    We do not need these people to affirm our faith. They should be behind bars where they actually belong. Tanku was once let off from the law as a young man for cheating many.
    A mistake by the law created such a monster.

    David daniel

  2. @Daniel Thank you for that apt comment.

  3. Dear moderator,

    I dont know whether u will publish my posts..anyway here is my answer to Mr Daniel.


    When u say these people make money -please do rough calculations of the for open grounds,+20000 seats,lights,audio visual screens,cranes and cameras,construction of stage and travel of entire team.The charges of telecast through powervsion,TCN,Shalom,Miracle Network and Surya are mindboggling..pls enquire and understand the extend of harvest of souls.People in Saudi Arabia can listen to a speech at Kottayam without fear of been persecuted.Is that negligible to u?
    The massive building construction that perturbs you is meant as a guest house for convention speakers and misssionaries.As u know the tin roof construction of the office has to be demolished and they will function on the large premises of that buliding.

    Bro.Dinakaran died and received a funeral befitting a VIP in the state of Tamil Nadu.His entire family is involved in ministry work and number of believers have escalated over the years.

    The summary is that 'all who witnessed Christ never have or will face poverty or disgrace'

    Mr.Daniel be true to yourself and probe into your thoughts and tell me..did u have an answer to that young cousins question either way??
    Are we sure God is happy with us Churchgoers either way.Is the grace and move of God visible in the old church practices?Does the cost of the seminary building or offeratory after every Qurbana worry us.
    And why is Orthodox church against Pro Y Yohanan who teaches everything based on the Orthodox church only.
    The answer is that we resist change.Nothing more.

    Throughout the discussion I realised the entire talk is Central travancore centric.

    Christianity permeates into the village and slums of India and across the globe today.Christians/Missionaries are raped,tortured and slaughtered everywhere in the world.In Pakistan an entire church was shot down after a mass.
    Before u argue with me you remember Graham Staines and his two innocent children who were burnt alive in Orissa..
    Even Hindus know that it was the love of Christ that led them to death.

    When u are worried about the millions and crores of Rs.,it is probably God's chosen one person who is saved in a village..think of the opposition and violence there..

    We must daily pray and intercede for missionaries and preachers not because we know them..but because only God can protect them and their families , while they face opposition and hate of all around them.
    For them to stay correct and sinless our prayer and support is needed, much more than our money.

    Will u do your bit today???.

  4. mr. u doing..? have thanku brother or yohannan brother stolen anything from you? i believe you could not answer that cousin of yours because you had no idea who God is...i believe you think God is someone, some1 created to shut people up from telling their problems to have no idea what God can do...Brother thanku has slept on railway platforms with his family, eaten with the poor segment people..travelled under negative conditions etc..but he stood by the faith. we never read any news reports on him doing all of that.He teaches us at church about being blessed. every single person who attend service have some testimony to offer of how God blessed them after hearing thanku brothers teaching. thanku brother does not use wisdom we read from books, he depeds on the holy spirit to guide his words. check out the crowds even now at the prayer hall. you tink they have no brains..they do. but they come, because they know God is working in thanku brothers ministry. you gota come there n experience it. Now, remebr, if you target people who work for God...remember...God will wipe them off....check the internet for case like this...thanks brother..God bless u

  5. Dear All

    Sorry for the late reply ,been away for a while.
    'Anish', 'Lovely wisdom' : open your eyes ; come out of the frame, think freely.

    Whom you are justifying; Thanku? Yohannan ?? May God forgive you.
    The wealth they amassed is much beyond the normal expenses in running gospel work.
    You have no idea how much the daily collections these people receive as offeratory. This is apart from the round the year donations from all over the world.
    K.P Yohannan's Gospel for Asia is managed yohannan's family including his nephew who was recently arrested in pathanamthitta with some prostitutes. Filthy rich guy.

    Thanku; Don't worth mentioning. Just watch his face when he delivers his animated display, he is a complete fake and a thick skinned conman.

    My only request is don't compare these people with Grham Staines.He lived a simple&honest life.

    Anish , the god does not need a third party to solve your problems. Its the almighty and you, deal it yourself.

    Love to all

  6. Can people be so stupid! and yet they are! raised 4 people from dead in Kuwait too?


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