Sunday, June 22, 2008

Air Powered Cars?

There are many options: if only we would adapt...

The world being obsessed with oil and its dictates, it is only natural that some of us are attracted (and obsessed?) to news like these. It landed in my inbox and upon googling, I find that it is a stale one which I missed.

“Air Powered Cars” developed by Motor Development International (MDI), a French car Company (family owned business) is to be marketed in India (Year 2009) by none other than TATA MOTORS.

The MDI GROUP is pleased to announce that an accord has been signed with TATA MOTORS of India. This accord will assign and grant licenses to TATA MOTORS for the exclusive implementation of MDI technologies in India.
MDI GROUP will continue to develop their Business Modal throughout the rest of the world by selling the licenses and turnkey factories for the production and marketing of all the MDI products.

It has speed starting from 110 and has zero emission.

After all the gripes and adulations received by NANO, let us see how this one fares.

Time reported it as a TAIL PIPE DREAM...


  1. so long as these vehicles produce only water as by-product...
    i hope we use this opportunity and go away from gasoline vehicles...but the oil lobby is all powerful

  2. Hmmm. another great product we can buy. Its good for our pockets as well the environment. :)

    thanks for sharing such thoughts

  3. Honda is all set to roll out a car running on fuel cells. The fact is they will be sooo costly, affordable only by the very very rich. Costly because of the complex technology involved. Poor man will continue shelling out money for petrol, for the petrol driven cars.

  4. I think these options need serious consideration. But the challenge lies in convincing the conventional lobby to get these alternatives viable.

  5. Raj, Maddy, Santhosh, Indrani, Pradeep

    Thanks for tehe comments..

    As Raj said .. As long as there is HOPE.. the world exists.. in hope of a better tomorrow..


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