Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Thanks to blogging

This time cricket was not number one priority for my Hubby and hence we did not get to watch the IPL. But suddenly with the children gone to their grandparents to enjoy their Summer Holidays, we were left with too much time in our hands and we remembered the finals that were being played that day. It was easier earlier to from an allegiance with a team, but this time especially since I was not following the game I just couldn’t decide. I wanted both the team to win! The predicament ended when I got a long distance call from my long lost friend. I have to thank blogging and especially my blogger friend (who also happens to be my friend’s sister) for having made this happen. The last time I saw my friend was during my wedding and that too briefly. We tried to catch up with all those years in 20 minutes. While recalling our college mates and those moments that we spent together, we also discovered that much change had occurred in all these years in ourselves and our friends.


  1. Good news hope u guys stay in touch now. or ask her chat id and make sure you talk to her online.

  2. Tumbled on sweet memories?!
    I am happy for you. :)

  3. @ Santhosh.... advise taken(:

    @ Indrani Thanks once again...


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