Thursday, July 17, 2008

Monsoon here we come...

Been very busy lately and finally we should soon be preparing to greet the monsoon and the hartals!

For those of us who wait eagerly to board the flight, our main concern should be hartals and nothing else. There are even websites giving schedule of the hartals and until this hour the coast seems clear for us to land.

As for the monsoon, this year it was playing truant with Kerala. It was supposed to drench the thirsty State on May 29th but it showed up briefly and left.. again to reappear mildly. And now it is back in full force. Makes me wonder if it was indeed waiting for us!

But what is Kerala without its monsoon?

This month’s Readers Digest too had an article on the Indian monsoon.

So here I go in great anticipation, to capture some beautiful memories once again….


  1. welcome to india. The mansoon is at its best here in bangalore. hope you get some rain showe while you are there in kerla

  2. Welcome! Get drenched and enjoy the monsoons. :)

  3. Hi HK - Later post lots of pictures of your trip to God's-Own-Country in India..!!!

  4. Have a wonderful trip home, even if you get drenched. And I hope there is a hartal against hartals during your visit, and that everything is smooth sailing for you in the monsoon waters.

  5. enjoy the rains....heard it stopped & power cut due to the explosive situation etc...

  6. Am back!

    It was a hectic vacation this time and wanted to post atleast a few pictures.. will do so soon...


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