Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Back to Kuwait

Had a hectic vacation with a whirlwind of activities; 3 weddings included!

I remember boarding Jet Airways and landing in Cochin and then it was all out of my hands until we boarded the same plane back to Kuwait. I guess all holidays are meant to be such.

The kids enjoyed the most added to the fact that I did not have time to bother them! They also got to see a few more places this time including “Kumarakom”, a place very near to us but where we never bothered to visit earlier.

As for Kerala, one needs only to travel from the Cochin Airport to Alapuzha, to realize how complacent the State machinery has been over the years. The roads almost everywhere remain the same. The flyovers intended to reduce the traffic still remain unfinished (a scene which we have been seeing since past years) and added to this was the regular police checking due to the recent terrorist activities. Like every year, we avoided getting into Cochin (Kochi) City and today I read the following news:

Kochi to be spruced up for Volvo race

Staff Reporter

KOCHI: Kochi has been directed to deck up for the Volvo ocean race, which will bring international media attention to the city.
The city needs to be showcased as a vibrant tourist centre as the race is expected to have at least 1.8 billion TV viewers globally, said a circular issued by the State Tourism department to the civic body. The ocean racing teams are expected to be in Kochi from October 3 to 13 as part of the event. It would be from the southern tip of South Africa that the ocean racing teams will be coming to Kochi. From here, they will leave for Singapore.

I think it is time it happened.

Hope next time I will be struck with wonder; like the Chinese Olympics?

Will be posting the pictures of all those beautiful places that we visited in spite of the terrible roads leading to it.

P.S. It is not that I did not want to post photos or a note earlier on my blog but the Reliance Netconnect which we had taken did not work the way it should have. We did get to talk to a lot of fellows sitting in Chennai and also listen to a lot of music while waiting to be connected.

The Reliance franchises are there only to sell their products (to cheat the customers) and after that the customer is on their own.


  1. Thank you Raj.. it is nice to be back! :)

  2. welcome back HK!!! :))

    looks like you had a good time. we are planning a trip to kerala this december. you have to guide me!!! and now, we have to get started back on unchaahi. it's feeling neglected. good to be in touch with you again.

  3. Thank u Roop!

    any questions on Kerala, I am here.... and you may or may not continue with your trip! LOL

  4. Welcome back,
    Hope u had a great vacation.

  5. Thank U Indrani.

    Coudnt make it to Blore even this time and henced missed seeing u...

  6. Welcome back from KK to K :)
    (Kochi, Kerala to Kuwait..!!)

    You dodn't seem to feel sad for missing seeing the Madras chapter friends ? :(

  7. Kat... we make plans every year but it seldom gets carried through... but it would be nice to meet my blog friends one day....


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