Thursday, September 4, 2008

At Eravikulam National Park - Munnar

Having grown up in the high ranges amidst tea estates, I was not that eager to see Munnar. Call it being snotty or maybe I just couldn’t bear to let anything replace the beautiful memories of the place I grew up – Peerumade.

But I have to admit that Munnar is beautiful and we were lucky to have visited it during the off season. The monsoon this year being sparse did not in any way hamper our trips.

(But as I write this the Monsoon has finally gained strength in Kerala. There are mudslides on the roads that we travelled.. and the dams are being filled finally)

The visit to Eravikulam National Park to was too good. Only the State run buses are allowed to ply inside and one is left to climb a kilometer of the mountain.

On your way one is sure to meet the Niligir Thar as we did.

We also got to see a few late bloomers of the “Neela Kurinji”.

This only blooms once every 12 years and should cover the mountains again in year 2018.

We saw the majestic Anamudi, small streams, clouds.....

I had the time of my life since it reminded me so much of those walks we used to have as kids.

Let the pictures talk….

P.S. More pictures are posted here


  1. We were there three years back, I have beautiful memories of the place. The Nilgais were real close, we could touch them.

  2. Thanks for sharing the lovely pictures. Breath taking scenery captured meticulously.

    Am becoming more and more determined to take my family on a holiday to God's own Country..!!!

  3. @Indrani.. you might be talking about Top Station from where one can see many places

    @Kat.. the pictures will not do.. one has to see it...

  4. The kurinji! You are lucky that you could see them. Thanks for the pictures.

  5. soooo pretty!

    we're headed to kerala this december!!! cannot wait. :))

  6. @Raji.. there a few of those Kurinjis' and the guards are wary in showing them to the visitors. They asked us to wait a while until the big crowd has left the place.

    @roop.. any help needed, please ask...

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