Thursday, September 11, 2008

Happy Onam

A very Happy Onam to one and all…

Since Onam has come on a weekend for us here in Gulf, one can celebrate at ease. But it is also in the midst of Ramadhan and all the hotels are closed during the day. I do hear that food can be ordered but it will surely be at an exorbitant price to make up for the loss in business.

Have not decided as yet if I should attempt to test my culinary talents or succumb to the packed sadhya. To think that a Sadhya used to have 64 mandatory dishes makes my head reel. In the present times they say one can be pardoned with just 11 items but it is still not a consolation for people like me. The only item that I can guarantee right now is the “Upperis” (fried bananas) that we bought from Calicut and which I managed to hold on. Wish I could just close my eyes and ask Mahabali to fill the table with all that 64 items.. yummy...that would be a tasty sadhya indeed.

Thankfully we are invited for dinner so a real Sadhya can be had then.


  1. Heh heh.. I liked that last line.... Taking the path-of-least-resistance to a delightful Sadhya. Hope you all had a great time.

  2. Happy Onam! What a lovely feast in pictures!

  3. hey, wish u a very happy onam.
    and enjoy the ona-sadhya. Er... whatever little you get of it, that is :-)

  4. @Kat… we had good fun until 1AM!

    Thanks Indrani, Gardenia, Shilpa for the Onam wishes.. …

    Even my Onam Sadhya was good as per Hubby, kids and my brother..and I did manage the 11 items on the banana leaf….. (if there is a will…….but hope Hubby doesn’t insist on testing my will on a daily basis!)

  5. Belated, but sincere, Onam wishes. Lovely pictures.
    And hope you had a lovely sadhya, too.

    The best lunch is one that you don't have to cook yourself.

  6. @Raji Thanks for the wishes...the sadhyas were all yummy.. and what you said is true too.. it is great to just sit and eat what others have cooked...

  7. that looks great - had three sadyas this time!!


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