Wednesday, October 22, 2008



Chandrayaan-I was launched successfully early this morning.

Kudos to all those who worked tirelessly.

It was indeed happy moments to see the smiling faces of our scientists and to share their joy and relief. If everything goes as per plan we shall see the tri-flag also fluttering on the moon.


  1. you forgot, the malayali tea man is already there..just joking..but a great achievement nevertheless..but i wonder, in this economic scenario is there place for such spending? just a thought

  2. Maddy: in fact I did include a line regarding the mallu chaiwala.. but deleted it :)

    as for the spending, yes that line of thought is there too. but then this venture started much earlier (commissioned in Year 2003) and it would be a blow to all those who worked silently behind.

    As I hear, not all our scientists are paid handsomely (compared to their counterparts in the private- having the same qualifications), but for most it is a passion and something that they want to contribute to the nation. Hopefully this venture will turn out to be profitable in the future..

    'The two main scientific objectives of the mission are to outline the surface of the Moon with a spatial resolution of 5–10 m and to map the entire lunar surface for elements such as magnesium, iron, uranium and thorium with a resolution of 25 km. '

  3. well - there is another unsaid driver actually - the competition with china - like the us and ussr went at it


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