Monday, February 23, 2009

And the award goes to…………………India..

8 awards! That is no small feat is it? It sure is not an Indian movie but everything in it is Indian, so naturally the award goes to India.

"The essence of the film is about optimism and hope. The power of hope in our lives. All my life I had the choice between hate and love. I choose love and here I am," said the musician....

A R Rahman is not new to awards and he was humble as ever while he accepted his Oscars. God bless him.

But being a mallu, I just cannot but be euphoric about Resul Pookutty who is now recognized with an OSCAR! He was unknown to me and to the majority in Kerala, including the Malayalam film industry, until the Oscar fever. It was great to hear him say the following on stage:

I dedicate this award to my country. This is not just a sound award but a piece of history that has been handed over to me," a beaming and emotional Pookutty said while dedicating the trophy to a billion Indians.

"I come from a country and civilisation that gave the world the word that precedes silence and is followed by more silence. That word is Om. So I dedicate this award to my country," said Kerala-born sound technician.

Pookutty shared the honours with colleagues Ian Tapp and Richard Pryke.
"This is unbelievable. I share the stage with two magicians, who captured the noise and cacophony of Mumbai to create the soul stirring artful sound of Slumdog Millionaire," he said.

I am sure there are many more unrecognized talents hidden away in our vast country. I guess these awards will be one more reason for them to forge ahead and continue to dream of unlimited possibilities. It was also great to see the shining faces of the children from the slum. And looking at their hopeful, dreamy faces, let me also believe that India is indeed going to shine.


  1. Yes the award does go to India indeed. But if you ask me the real triumph is of AR Rahman...just watch where he goes now. Many more Oscars will follow.

  2. Vinod: A R Rahman is much more....Bollywood and now Hollywood may have discovered him late though..

  3. Slum-Boy Millionaire.

    I too join in congratulating both the boys for bringing honour and recognition to our country.

  4. Lets hope this movie will also bring lot of attentions regarding the child begging and Tackling of organized child begging.

  5. Dear Happy Kitten,

    First of all I should declare that I loved the film, from the acting, to the script to the photography to the editing to keep the viewers totally on the edge of their seat. At least that was the effect it had on me.
    My admiration goes to the director Danny Boyle. Mostly because he found a book written by an Indian author and turned it into a ingenious script. They captured and preserved the authencity of Mumbai slum life and meshed it with scenes from the tech age while slyly incorporating the infamous Bollywood movie masala takes.
    Now why couldn't an Indian director have done the same?

  6. Anish: Thank you for passing by... did visit your blog and I see that both of us touched upon similar topics.. will be visiting again..

  7. Reena.. is that you?

    I am truly honored!

    Bienvenu ma cousine.. (yea it is not from the French that we learned together.. it is courtesy goooooooogle)..

    Even we watched the movie twice over the long weekend that we had (there were 2 holidays too) and I was planning to blog on it.. but felt a bit lazy.. but I think I shall go ahead…

    u have summed it up pretty well.. it was not boring at all..


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