Monday, February 9, 2009

A love letter

Thanks to the internet, I have now started receiving love letters.

The below one is classic and I can see that he is already honing his skills for the future. Wonder how many he will sent once he starts admiring girls.....

Amma I love you so much . U r my angel......


  1. LOL! The cause of "worry", Happy Kitten. is that it is you son, not your husband who is sending them!!! Time to get the dye out, I suppose or hit the gym?!:)

  2. Vinod..LOL!

    I guess I shall never get love in the form of love letters from Hubby dear.. but I do get it enough or maybe even more... dye or not or gym or not.. so no worries :)

    Son was given his email id only recently, hence he is experimenting with me :)

  3. After reading the previous few posts, this surely helped lift up my spirits. He is such a cutie!!! Maybe he should give husband lessons since V-Day is comin up? ;p

  4. Aw.. . so sweet - you will never get a more wonderful love letter.

  5. Should I wish you - many more! So be it! :)

  6. Ah!Asha! Appreciate him for what he has done instead of wondering what he will do in future.
    So sweet in fact, and give him a peck on my behalf too. :)

  7. very sweet of him!! :-) Ur children are cute, so I guess it would be more of recieving love letters in the future than actually sending out some. I can imagine how that would be! ;)

  8. Roop: Yes I needed a break from my depressing posts!

    as for V-day.. both of us grew up without V days.. so I guess it will continue to be love in action any day and not in words on a special days :)

    RM: rightly said... these are some of the best gifts that a mother can ever rcv.

  9. Swarna: thank you...

    Indrani: I did give him pecks! but he can be even sweeter when he wants something from me.

    Lakshmi: . oh.. did not think that way! have to keep vigil :)

  10. "....honing his skills ....."


  11. Avinash: Thank you for passing by..

    Kat: Should you know better? :)

    Maddy: We r enjoying the best of the years.. soon it will be the turbulent teen times...

  12. just admiring - for having impressed 'the-first-lady' :))

  13. @Happy Kitten ! This was soooo cute! How old is your son?

  14. Smitha: he loves to be cute and to remain a kid, though he will soon complete 11 years!

    nd I know very soon he will grow out of his childishness... until then let me enjoy...


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