Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Vishu!

Happy Vishu to all!

Soon after Vishu celebrations will come the Lok Sabha elections and let us hope that the best candidates are selected.

Meanwhile, it is time to think about our vacation since we already purchased our tickets!

This time we are going a little early since there is a marriage in the family.

Hubby is busy checking the roads that he would like to cover this time and I as usual cannot resist reminding him that we make plans every time while only some of them materializes. He has found new roads to reach Calicut through places that we both have never seen. I also keep reminding him that it is a shame that we have never seen Fort Cochin! It is also some years since we visited Ooty and I would like to take the trip to Mudumalai once again and visit Wayanad too.

Last year we could drive down Munnar,

through Chinnar wildlife sanctuary, Marayur Sandal Wood forest, Malakkapara, Sholayar forest ranges to reach Athirampally and Vazhachal.

The drive through the Sholayar forest was a treat!

Although the roads were bad, the thrill of going through deserted roads through the middle of thick forest was a treat. We did see a few wild animals but since we were advised to get out of the road before 6 PM we did not stop much on the way.

Besides we saw fresh elephant dung on the roads and our imaginations ran wild. Hubby who was behind the steering wheels was having a time of his life. The scenes were picturesque and we saw only 2 vehicles during our almost 4 hours drive.

We had a glimpse of the Peringalkuthu & Sholayar Dams and was actually relieved to reach Athirapally; only to find that the waterfall was closed to visitors after 5 PM.

We watched the beautiful falls from afar before driving to Calicut.

Sure nothing is definite these days ( remembering Lehman brothers is enough to drive this point home!)

If all our plans do not materialize the way we dream, the visit to Kumarakom (which is the nearest tourist destination for us) to have another glimpse and taste of the following scene (for which there are takers from the above 70 year category too) cannot be missed at any cost!


  1. Brilliant snaps!!!
    happy vishu!!!! and have a great year

  2. Hi

    This is the route I like the most in Kerala - the Chalakudy- Pollachi Route

    Thank you
    George Joseph

  3. Happy Vishu to you too!

    Hope you have another great vacation. I can imagine the thrill you had driving through the forests. You have a great collage too. :)

  4. Happy Vishu Happy Kitten! Great snaps. Hope you have that great vacation!

  5. Ajit: Thank u.. nd how did ur Vishu celeberations go?

    George: yes.. that was a wonderful route and I havnt posted half the fun!

  6. Indrani: Thank u... counting the days.... and this time I should at least hear your voice!

    Vinod: Thank then the election heat would have died too..

  7. Wish you and your family a very happy Vishu and a great year ahead!

    Vacation time for you too? Great! and a wedding too!! Lucky, lucky you!! Have a great vacation!

    Wonderful pics! Made me homesick all over again!!! Do plan to do a photopost once you are back from holiday!

  8. no vishu celebrations for me here in america.... :) plan to compensate by having a great lunch!! LOL

  9. Smitha: Thanks for the wishes..

    There is still more than a month for the much awaited vacation; but the excitement has already started.. I guess for us in Gulf, these vacations are what we look forward to the most...

    as for the photos, I took the tip from your blog.. but guess I need to work on the collage a little more...(dont want the pictures repeating when I have more...)

  10. it must hv been great - what was in the chatti?....

  11. Solilo: thanks for the wishes and hope u had a great Vishu...

    it is great to have your here :)

  12. Maddy: ah.. not from a Malayalee that question :)

    thanks to the present times.. the contents of the "Chatti" can now be savoured by the ladies too in some places.. earlier the trick was to insist on it for making Appam even when yeast is available and the ladies had their share...!

  13. Oh, HK
    those yellow blossoms are a joy to behold. Long stretches of city roads here in Delhi have this natural decor in plenty of shades. Hope you had a great vacation.

  14. Swarna: that post was in anticipation of the vacation that we shall be taking the coming week.. Thanks anyway


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