Sunday, August 30, 2009

All is not lost...

Judiciary seems to be paving the way for a corruption less society.

The following could be the start and it felt good to note that the Kerala High court along with the Delhi High Court is setting the standard.

New Delhi/Kochi, Aug 28 (PTI) Judges at the High Courts of Delhi and Kerala today decided to make public details about their assets--the first in the state judiciary, two days after a landmark decision by the Supreme Court judges to reveal information about their wealth.

The assets details that is at the core of intense public debate about the importance of judicial accountability in the country is expected to be put up on the websites of the respective courts in a couple of months since the modalities and manner of declaration are being finalised.

The move by the two high courts came even as Chief Justice of India K G Balakrishnan suggested that the judges of High Courts cannot be compelled by the apex judiciary to follow suit. Balakrishnan however hoped that some of the high courts would follow the apex court.

Yet another welcome news was the resolution passed against Senior Supreme Court judge, Mr. Cyriac Thomas. When I listened to his passionate speech exposing his overly gratitude to the Church I did wonder if his love for Church was more than his love for Christ and his teachings. For some, the passionate love for the church alone can adulterate their faith and the actions that follow. In my opinion he should step down if his love for his Church is a hindrance to his job.

Resolution against SC judgeAugust 29th, 2009
By Our Correspondent

Thiruvananthapuram, Aug. 28: The Kozhikode Bar Association has passed a resolution against the senior Supreme Court judge, Mr Cyriac Joseph, criticising his visit to the Bengaluru Central Forensic Sciences Laboratory to view the narco analysis CDs of the Sister Abhaya murder case suspects.

It was after a two-hour long discussion that the bar association passed the resolution. In all, 180 advocates supported the resolution and six opposed it.
The resolution said that Mr Joseph’s conduct was unbecoming of a judge and sought an inquiry by a SC judge into the allegations against him. The resolution also said that he should step down from his post while facing the probe. However, those who opposed the resolution said that allegations against SC judges should be discussed in Parliament and not in bar associations.

On Wednesday, 62 members of the Kerala High Court Advocates Association had moved a resolution against Mr Joseph in a meeting of the association. However, the meeting rejected the motion saying that it was not legally maintainable.


  1. true..its a welcome sign to see that a clean up is happening from the top..i wish it transpires to all sections..include govt machinery...police..etc...

  2. Good to see the judiciary take the first step. Let us hope it is not the last. The way corruption has spread, many will be cynical.

  3. good sign indeed. Let this be a starting point for much more to come. Wonder whats going to happen if our politicians and their family members are asked to reveal their assets.

  4. It is indeed heartening to see the much maligned judiciary showing the way in the fight against corruption.

  5. This is a very positive step especially when a lot of cases pertaining to industrial houses,constitution and political parties goes to the courts.Judiciary must have clean image and project a clean image.

  6. so happy to see that....Let's hope this won't be a isolated case and will maintain the same standard in future too ....wish this purification thing will also happen in all other govnmnt sectors as well as among the corrupt politicians

  7. Now that is a welcome change.

    Onaashamsakal! :)

  8. Mathew, Vinod, Scorpio , Dreamer, Anish, Solilo...

    It seems like a ray of hope to me.. Judiciary is the backbone of any society and if one loses hope in it, then all is lost...and yes.. if one can get the rest of the establishments also to do the same then corruption can be slowly erased..

    Solilo: Happy Onam to you too..

  9. BK Chowla: a warm welcome to you.. thank you for the comments...

    I hope that other courts also take up this excercise and thus create a stronger judiciary.. the rest of the clean up will then naturally follow...


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