Sunday, August 9, 2009

It is sad to see them leave the stage...

It is really sad to see them go so early. After Rajan P. Dev, it is now Murali.

Murali will remain one of my favourite actors and sadly these great actors have not acted enough in the Malayalam cinema. He acted raw and should be called the real superstar. I guess he was not confined within any Superstar status and was free to just act. He never needed any “props” unlike the current superstars, to remain on the screen and at times as a pain to the viewers. We have superstars whom the fans want to remain eternally young, virile and what not but we loved watching Murali for his personality and acting alone. Even the media was stingy in using the Bharat before his name and I wish Murali could have seen the real support that he had from the viewers. He was an avid reader and a writer too, although I wonder if his political leaning did reduce his chance to act in more movies.

And talking about the recent deaths in the Malayalam film industry, is this industry getting to be injurious to the health of those involved in it? Are they being over taxed? Are some of our actors getting too involved with the character and hence getting affected psychologically? It is understood that unlike Bollywood actors, the Malayalam actors are required to act in a controlled manner and hence act real.

Watched “Billu (Barber)” during the weekend and yet again wondered how SRK continues to rule. Was it not very obvious that Irfan Khan did a much splendid job effortlessly?

Let me continue to wonder how some superstars are made and sustained.


  1. It seems God is punishing Malayalam cinema for all the craps they'd been producing in the previous years. But it is indeed turning out to be a void which wont be filled in a hurry.

    Its been a couple of months of huge losses! I hope the list ends with Murali...

  2. For me too, Murali was a favourite, in all his roles. May he RIP.

  3. My MIL went to Murali's funeral as they had common friends circle. She says he was a heavy drinker and often in the past when he was just new to the industry, he used to ask for loan, drank and never paid back. He is a good soul but the bane of all our Malayali 'buddhijeevis' is that all of them were either heavy drinkers or chain smokers.

    My MIL told me this.

    It is sad. Really sad that we lost some of the best names in past couple of months. Murali, Lohitdas, Rajan P Dev, Narendra Prasad. And also in the past too Padmarajan and Bharatan passed away young and both drank heavily.

  4. I am not able to recollect his face. I must have definitely seen him.

  5. Scorpio : Yes the craps r there and I do really hope list ends with Murali..

    Swarna: all his roles and that is what makes a lot of difference from the other stars.. nd I guess either he was choosy or the producer and director chose him for good movies..

  6. Solilo: Murali himself talks about his earlier days when he used to borrow money and was not able to return. I guess he was hard pressed for money but would not give up his passion for acting in dramas and movies.. I did hear one actor comment that Murali did not have a good control over his life.. he must have meant these 2 habits of his. But then if he had remained like everyone else and sat in the Univ job. we would have missed his brilliant acting..

    but then I do think that the industry is taxing and very competitive too...but as u said he was a good soul and that matters above all...

  7. Indrani: the photo at Wiki is new .. but u would have seen him.. but do u still watch Malayalam movies?

  8. first lohitadas,then rajan p dev and now murali.....i was shocked, when i saw muralis news in newspaper......
    his akashadutu is one of my favourate movie...i'm not sure whether our directors exploited his talent properly or not...nyways we will miss his powerful characters

  9. Anish: yes they have left too soon.. nd I dont think we saw enough of Murali...

    Elegant Chic: welcome here..
    but their time came too early and hence the lament...

  10. Yes murali was really a great actor..

    When compared to SRK he is still better.. as billu barber was not to the expectations...

    But yes! SRK has some stuff in him, thats the reason people like him... should agree with it...

  11. Abhilash: I do agree SRK is not a bad actor in general but not the best as per me :)


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