Monday, December 14, 2009

I am angry

For so many reasons…

Today’s headline read thus:

Pak officers working with jihadis, Headley confirms to FBI

The FBI interrogation of David Coleman Headley has revealed a Lashkar training project involving jihadi fugitives from India. The youth, after they are trained by Pakistani army officials, are sent back to India as part of the game plan to conceal the Pakistani involvement and pass off the terror in India as a home-grown phenomenon.

Is it not frustrating to read this now when the same was being conveyed by the Indian side over and over since many years?

Was it not for the same reason India has been demanding that Dawood and the rest of the scums be turned over? It was frustrating when US did nothing to persuade Pakistan to hand over him then and one wondered why.

And now that US have discovered Headley to be behind the Mumbai attacks will he be turned over or should we just watch the same old drama being enacted? For India, will Headley also rest on the Fact Sheet pages just like Dawood? (The only difference being that Headley has been captured while Dawood still reigns)

Anyway let me leave US out since one cannot compel them to discard their own interests for the sake of another country.

But what is happening in God’s own country?

Why did it turn out to be terrorists own abode?

One was hoping against hope that at least at this juncture when things have taken a serious turn our politicians would act in a mature manner. Alas.. all they want to do is throw mud at each other while the public are left wondering if they all had indeed joined the Dawood network.

Both the Congress and the Communists parties have governed, dutifully taking turns, while the terrorist networks flourished. They have obliged enough and more for votes. And now every terrorists attack in the country is being linked to someone from Kerala. Nazir used to be a name loved and cherished by Keralites since it was the name of the beloved cine actor who ruled the Malayalam Cinema for years and more so since he deserved the adulation in every way; on or off the screen. The new Nasir has thrown it all away for reasons which we are now tired of listening. He has left many families in despair and a whole state in utter confusion.

Will Kerala be left unscathed after the dust has settled?


  1. Now it is time to act and not get angry.Even I have read the report you have mentioned.
    On a similar topic, I have commented that we now can not trust even the Americans.We must strengthen our intelligence, our forces get rid of corrupt politicians and show to the world that we are capable of handling our interests ourselves.

  2. What is really frustrating is that our government, despite making similar allegations for years, has done nothing whatsoever to either get tough with Pakistan or with elements in India that you are talking about. Kerala surely could not have become such a prominent hub of jihadi elements without the government looking the other way.

    Let us hope that Chidambaram lives up to the early promise he has shown till now.

  3. We certainly cannot rest easy, and hope that the US would get Pakistan to behave. The US will only do what suits them - at all times. Unless we show that we mean business, we will have to pay the cost - later.

    It is shocking that our govt seems so complacent in the face of all this.

  4. I think we've grown too dependent on the Americans. We should learn to take care of ourselves. Thats what the US does and thats why there have been no attacks there since 9/11. The problem in Kerala is that there is no accountability. Since the only two options are the Left or the Right both parties are confident that they will eventually be in power. And so they willfully keep playing vote bank appeasement politics.

  5. Yes, this news is truly frustrating.

    The situation re: terrorist activities may be worse in Kerala, but a similar situation is there in other parts of the country, also.

    I think what is neded is for our politicians to stop shielding the anti-national elements for fear of losing their vote-banks.

  6. The news that coming in my newspapers and TV are beyond my belief....Never thought even in my wild dreams , things like this happen in Kerala.Really frustrating

  7. I heard someone saying that keralites are everywhere in this world like we say for god. Even when some violence happends anywhere in the world there will be a malayalee either as a victim or among the ones who killed.

    Indian govenment has taken no serious mesures despite mumbai attack and I dont think they will take any unless the dirty politics games are over.

  8. BKC: We need to strengthen ourselves and yes now is not the time to get angry.. but it is out of helplessness I guess....

    Vinod: Kerala has got no excuses for these elements and it should have been nipped on the bud...

  9. Smitha: US has always done what is to their interest only.. nd India is not smart enough to play the cards had the right reasons after the Mumbai attacks but yet again our response was lukewarm

  10. Dreamer: I agree that our politicians have done their dirty jobs but I cannot understand why Kerala should have these elements at all..

    Manju: Dirty politics has to stop.. but then after seeing the reactions from some of the Kerala leaders one feels that it will continue to take a dangerous path.. unless the voters vote them out..

  11. Anish: Yes it is bad and Kerala should have been the last state for such activities..

    Abhi: did you watch Pinarayi's statements? he continues to tell the voters that he will go to any extend to get the votes...

  12. Advanced happy X'mas and new year wishes to you and your family :)

  13. Anish: Thank u very much for the wishes.. let me also wish u and your family a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year

  14. HK..

    if you really go deeper & figure out what this is all about, you realize it is big business and less about ideology. And in that dark deep world, you may find that the people lurking around are the unlikeliest.

  15. Maddy: Yes it is all about money and power and hence we have silence from our politicians...


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