Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A very Happy New Year

Let me wish everyone a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year 2010.

...and for those who have taken 2012 seriously, please remember that you have 2 more years to fulfill your ambitions, be happy and give other's happiness..

and for the rest of you who believe that this world is never going to end (during your lifetime), better work towards making it good so that it remains good while you :) last.. or at least good enough for your children so that they can take it up from where you left.

Let me leave a few links of blogs/newspapers that are reporting happy news from around the world…Yes we sure need them...

The one below is from a report on the co-author of "Three Cups of Tea”.. his work is mainly in Afganisthan..

that in 2000, there were 800,000 kids in school in Afghanistan, and this was during the height of the Taliban. The kids were nearly all boys. Today, there are 8.4 million children in school in Afghanistan, including 2.5 million females. So it’s the greatest increase in school enrollment in any country in modern history and the goal is 13 million.

I think that’s why I feel that educating girls is so important. If you educate a boy, you educate an individual but if you educate a girl, you educate a whole community.

The next is from goodnewsindia website which stopped spreading good news in the Year 2006 and for which the author has given a lengthy explanation. Please take time to read it through. He is now engaged in another fruitful venture.

“Given India’s history of throwing up influential people, waiting for a Gandhi is not an unrealistic act. But we can do something while we wait and do a bit of what he counseled: You cannot change others; but you can change yourself. If bad news depresses you, you can do something that radiates good news; so, become the good news and you begin to change the world. Indeed Gandhi deemed the greatest change we can ever seek is the change in ourselves. Feel the power of his insight: “As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world - that is the myth of the atomic age - as in being able to remake ourselves.” [How I love this man! He knew the modern age was a myth; it believes all the water we need can be delivered in bottles.]

Reflecting further, I understood consuming less and consuming with sensitivity is also to contribute to conservation and/or production; without any measurable productive act, a sensitive consumer can contribute to production and begin to bridge the divide inside her.

Let me also post the reason why the author chose the name "point to return"..

“…the point is to return” says the tagline. And that can be read in many ways.
Return to your roots
Return to nature and to learning from it
Return something to the earth for gifts received and resources enjoyed.

The author has inspired many.. and if one reads the comments one gets to know how many were inspired enough to start their own ventures; yes.. how Solar Energy, Green Houses, Rainwater Harvesting etc. can make a positive change to our environment...

Volunteers at work...

Point to return has its presence in twitter too.

Let me sign off with a quote from him...

Just as one must believe in God despite the priest, one must hope farming can be made attractive despite the intruding professional agricultural scientists.


  1. Hey happy new year, may god bless you richly in the new year :) .

  2. Happy New Year! Inspiring thoughts to begin it with. Thanks!

    May you all have a wonderful 2010.

  3. How do you get the time to write all this ?/ Great and keep your efforts..

  4. Happy New Year to you and your family!

    Thanks for the links- food for thought indeed!

  5. Avery happy new year.
    Let us not worry about 2012. Let us live 2010 happily.

  6. Anish, Vinod, Manju.. Thank you.. May the new year bring all of us great blessings and happiness..

    Dr.: Thank u..... I am not a busy prof. like u :)

  7. BKC: Thank you...Yes let us not worry about the coming year but let us face it with hope.....

  8. wishing y'all a great year ahead..

  9. Wishes for a great year and decade ahead Kitten! and may you remain happy over the year... :)

  10. Wish you and your family a Wonderful year ahead :D. What lovely thoughts to start off the year!

  11. lovely post! very thought provoking for thoses reviewing themselves in honour of new year.

    as we have common views, do read my New year post and gandhi label. am too a huge fan of that great man.

    yes. u r right about gandhi. guess u know that for gandhi SWARAJ meant 'self rule' - rule over the self, the individual.

    my blogsite:

  12. Maddy: Thank you.. let me also wish you and your family the same...

    Scorpio: Thanks for that wishes nd yes let us all remain happy :)

  13. Dreamer: Thank you for all the support and wishes.... may your tribe increase :)

  14. Kochu: I am glad to have you here.... nd I am not new to your blog.. will leave my mark henceforth :)

  15. I wish you and all your loved ones a Very Happy and Safe 2010!

  16. HK - i recently saw a marathi movie - MEE shivaji raje bolthoy. -translated as shivaji raje speaking. humorous and thought provoking, and there are english subtitles for those who do not understand marathi, but you will understand. it is mainly addressed to the "marathi speaking manoos" but there is a lesson for all of us.

    To you and yours goodness always HK.

  17. 2010 is coming :( I plan to buy a mahindra classic and nokia n97 before I die. Have to see diferent places in the world too. Dont know how I will get the time for all these.

    hey! is any bank giving money for the people who want to satisfy their wishes before 2010 :)

  18. A very Happy New Year to you too HK !

    Thanks for providing the link to GoodnewIndia. What an amazing work they are doing at pointreturn...also read through their previous posts regarding the fantastic work some people are doing.

    It was a great read. Thanks

  19. Think I am a bit slow this new year :)

    Indrani:Thank you very much for the wishes.. nd let me wish you and yours the same too...

    Anrosh: thank u for the wishes.. nd glad to see u again :) hope to watch this movie.....

  20. Abhi: guess u meant 2012... as for your dreams, I am sure you will get them...

    2BMom: Thanks you... all good wishes to you and yours too... yes it is heartening to read about those who will never give up.. and those who have unfailing hope in God and His handiworks inluding men....and this earth that sustains men...

  21. I was wondering why Indian women are fixated on spreading negativity. All they saw, it seemed to me, was injustice and villainy. It takes some sense of responsibility to see and spread positivity, like you did here. Keep it up, girl.

  22. Nice post. I used to follow Goodnewsindia regularly. The stories were such an inspiration. One particular story on Prof. Lakshmi Thathachar prompted me to go in search of them to make a donation. I find Madhu Kishwar in the same mould as D.V.Sridharan. A rare selflessness and fearlessness woman.

  23. Maald: Welcome and Thank you.... even I have done my share of grumbling too :)
    like every other country it has its strength and weakness but over the ages India has always won her battles...hasnt she always been open to change?

    loved your blog.....

  24. Inferno: Thank you for your comments and please do come again... thanks for the link.... yes she is an inspiring lady and I likeed her take on feminism and many other current issues...

  25. Happy and Prosperous New Year.:)
    I liked this blog very much as there are positive news items. :)


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