Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dont Blog....

Dont blog... this is what the Kuwait government is saying to the Kuwaitee bloggers.

It is only when such a news came in the local paper that I realized that Kuwait has a large number of bloggers comprising the local Kuwaitees plus the expatriates.

Anyway, this is not the reason why I have been late in posting but I am yet to find a reason as to why I have not posted this new year..


  1. You should keep bloging.
    Happy new year

  2. Y so ? ..I remember Indian govnmnt also imposed some rule like this some time back and later they scrapped it off..

  3. Anish: Kuwait is not a full fledged democratic country...

  4. I so do hope things do not come to such a pass. :(

  5. Dreamer: I hope so too.. else I shall rant on the comment pages of your blog and that of others..:)

  6. i hope they don't take away freedom of expression. :(

  7. wow! that was some dictum...and they have not yet banned blogger eh?

  8. I wonder how some governments dictate on such levels to its people... I dont think it is narrowmindedness. Probably the govts are paranoid of losing their control on the media and the people.

    Let me guess that you are not affected as of yet.

  9. Roop: not yet and hopefully will not..

    Maddy:Not yet :)

    Rocksea: it all depends on the type of government.. and yes the control factor... but Kuwait ranks number one among the Arab countries when it comes to personal freedom.. nd I hope it stays that way or moves forward...


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