Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Please step down….

Prof. Sukhadeo Thorat, please step down from your post and let us hear you....

• Padamshree award from the Government of India in 2008.
• Vidyalankara (Lifetime Achievement Award) by Purbanchal Academy of Oriental Studies in association with Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India in 2008
• P.K. Patil Purushottam Award in 2007.
• Awarded Bharat Shiromani Award 2006 by Shiromani Institute.
• Ambedkar Chetna Award in 2001.

Else let us assume that the above medals are also fake just like the list of fake Universities proudly posted on the website of UGC of which you hold the post of Chairman.

Below is the “Mandate” as given in the University Grants Commission website…

The UGC has the unique distinction of being the only grant-giving agency in the country which has been vested with two responsibilities: that of providing funds and that of coordination, determination and maintenance of standards in institutions of higher education.

...and our ministers are as usual very vocal and full of enthusiasm..

The PMK founder-leader S Ramadoss on Tuesday has demanded a comprehensive probe to ascertain how educational institutions — that have stripped off their deemed university status — got it, despite failing to meet the stipulated minimum standards.

He also said that the State should initiate legal proceedings to stop exploitation of students by such institutions. In a statement here, Ramadoss welcomed the Centre’s decision to crack the whip on educational institutions that are being run as “family fiefdoms.”

And all are up in arms against the Universities… yes they should be taken into task although the students who are studying there or who studied there are never going to be compensated. Their certificates will no longer be valid and many of them may lose precious time.

But along with the Universities and their declared owners it is the authorities who let them secure this recognition who should also be taken into task.

A deemed university gets its recognition under University Grants Commission (UGC) Act of 1956 but the guidelines for becoming one remain vague.

And why have they remained vague?

Is it no wonder then that our children are forced to go outside the country to secure an education by spending much money and even enduring the wrath of the host country.


  1. One can smell a huge scam here. WHo in India will give deemed university status to upstarts with no credentials without asking for money? When even for doing what they are supposed to do and when everything is in order, they demand money, one can only imagine what must have happened. Now perhaps more money will be asked for to review those that have been de-recognised to re-recognise them again!

  2. There is indeed money involved.. no doubt about that...

    recently such a scam was unearthed in Kerala...

    CBI FIR against three SF colleges in Kerala

    From Mathrubhumi Education Desk

    Kochi, Jan 6, 2010: The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has filed a First Information Report (FIR) against three self-financing engineering colleges in Kerala for allegedly securing recognition from the All-India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) through corrupt practises.

    The first accused in the case is Regional Director in the AICTE at Bangalore Manju Singh who allegedly facilitated the recognition for the colleges. The three colleges against which the CBI has proceeded are Thejus Engineering College, Thrissur, Palakkad Institute of Science and Technology, Palakkad and Malabar College of Engineering, Desamangalam. The CBI has arraigned C C Thampi, N.K. Sreedharan and K.S.Hamsa, the chairmen of these colleges respectively, as accused in the case. The FIR was filed in the CBI Special Court in Kochi on Wednesday. The CBI has accused corruption running into lakhs of rupees in the case.

  3. I have studied one of the biggest deemed university in India(though we were the last batch students of anna university).And the infrastructure and quality our institution provided, they truly deserved that status.But later when i came to know about lot of deemed univ....i felt so bad and i was wondering how they got (even they don't have basic facilities).So happy that at least officials has taken action now.

  4. Anish: I am sure some of these deemed universities are good and the country sure lacks good universities if the students are waiting to fly outside to get educated...

    but somehow corruption has got into this one as well..

  5. In Maharashtra, many of these deemed universities are 'owned' by politicians, mostly from the Congress.

  6. You know, even I was wondering how on earth are they going to ensure that the innocent students, who obviously have no part in the scam, are not affected. Does the govt intend to punish those who actually gave recognition to these universities? Or ultimately are students going to be the only ones who are going to pay the price?

  7. Manju: I am sure most of these institutions are openly or in other ways linked to our benevolent politicians, who are keen in imparting knowledge to the masses...

    Dreamer: nd I think this is what they were aiming too... they know that the students and the public will rally and get them recognized..

    Meanwhile, in Tumkur, the Chancellor of Sri Siddhartha Academy for Higher Education (SSAHE) G Shivaprasad said on Tuesday that the six deemed universities in Karnataka, which face de-recognition from the Centre, would jointly file a case against the Centre’s decision to derecognise them. Shivaprasad told Express that the deemed status could not be withdrawn until the Supreme Court’s decision and hence the students studying in such universities need not panic.

  8. This was a window for corruption and favoritism for many people, bringing down the standard of education in our country. This was especially a menace in TN and Karnataka where the 'deemed' status was bestowed at the drop of a hat. Good decision by the Govt.

  9. When is money not involved? People become politicians and bureaucrats to make money...The people who run this country don't care about her citizens, they only care about themselves...A sad state of affairs...

  10. More we read of corruption,more we know of political parties.
    This is all muck which stinks of big money involvement.
    Arewe not getting so used to this stink?

  11. Scorpio: The decision is welcome but will the real culprits be booked? We have authorities who failed to maintain standards.. will they ever be taken to task? Wont the power of the politicians yet again remain as a shield?

    Bones: Great to see you here:)

    yes.. our politicians are there to make money and sadly the voters too seems to have accepted this....
    am hoping that at least the judiciary will step in before our education system goes to the dogs...

    BKC: There has to be a way out if the country needs to grow..

  12. many eminent people started shunning awards in India when this kind of award giving started.. cant blame is not any different outside..

  13. Such a pity, isn't it? Corruption has reached every field! I am sure politicians would have their fingers in every pie. That and money, I guess explains why so many universities got certificates that they did not deserve.

    'Is it no wonder then that our children are forced to go outside the country to secure an education by spending much money and even enduring the wrath of the host country.' - It is totally inevitable - sadly.

  14. very well said. Colleges like this and people like him are trying to destroy the future of the new generations.

    ones expected to impart knowlege are just mere houses of attraction that can provide bookish knowledge in a manner never understandable and unutilized for growth.

    They should be punished severely.

  15. Good post.Public spending in India for education is only abt 4% of the GDP,while most other countries spend 6 to 10%. With Govt not in the picture education,especially higher and professional education is left to profit hungry businesmen and politicians.They will do anyhting to get deemed status.

  16. Maddy: yes, the awards these days have lost their meaning...but those who are heading these institutions cannot be so sloppy...

    Smitha: Educational institutions are money churning places and since we have elected criminals, I guess this was soon to come.. and it is not as though schools are any different...

    saw a suggestion from one Lawyer on Vir's blog...

    Kartikeya Tanna
    23 Jan 2010

    Certain clarifications I'd like to make as a lawyer experienced in dealing with private education matters. Mr. Sibal too has been engaged in such matters since 20 odd years as a lawyer.

    The current law in the sphere of private education is governed by Supreme Court judgments like TMA Pai Foundation, Islamic Academy and the latest case of PA Inamdar.

  17. Charakan: Thank you and am glad to have you here!

    and I read that only 12% gets higher education in India.. it is a complex situation but many hopes that maybe Sibal may be able to fix it...


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