Tuesday, May 4, 2010

One more to the list...

I think it is time to add yet one more to the list of reservation in our country. Corruption!

“But when we reached Delhi, our bosses got instructions from ‘highest authorities’ to delink the Mumbai case from our ongoing investigation. The Mumbai unit also got instruction to limit the case to Bali and Dalmias,” said a CBI official, adding that they were denied permission to verify the transaction details of the two Swiss accounts of the Dalmias.

According to Ministry insiders, Dalmia could be a key player in the spectrum scam. He arrived in early 2005 in Raja’s office in Paryavaran Bhavan, when the latter was Environment Minister. Dalmia was accompanied by two young women and his visiting card showed him to be the Honorary Consular General of a little-known African country, Ministry sources said. “We checked with the External Affairs Ministry and found that he was a fraud. But, in the meantime, he established direct contact with the Minister,” insiders said.

One has seen reservation in education and job and now it is imminent that one more is added else it leaves the ordinary citizen bewildered and dejected. When one read about minister Raja’s swindling of the tax payers money, one did not think of his caste, color, state nor religion but only his crime.

But it seems one should look at those first and then decide if he should be given a concession.

"Raja is a Dalit. That is why dominant forces are levelling malicious charges against him," Karunanidhi said when asked about the Opposition's demand for Raja's dismissal in the light of allegations of a mega-scam in 2G spectrum allocation.
And our honest PM is hanging onto dear life and his government  come what may.
God help our nation!

Times of India


  1. Hey take out any Tamil cinema... MOst of them would be produced or distributed by Marans or Stalins or Azhagiris...

    DMK is literally trying to plought the entire country...

    Like it or not...democratic system in India is grossily inadequate to check the rampant corrupption
    Corruption has spread to all levels...beauracracy, schools, colleges, Professional companies... No point in singling out politicians

  2. Karunanidhi takes out the trumpcard of caste-politics, really cheap tactics by the old man.

    Reading this along with the Tharoor fiasco, one can easily see how coalition politics dictates terms in our nation. Someone like Raja is still holding on, thanks to all these jellyfishes. All this makes me puke...

    Karunanidhi...Raja...Congress honchos.. I dont know which one is the worst!

  3. Seriously, God help our nation!

    I was so stunned by that statement of Karunanidhi's. And he can get away with a statement like this..

  4. Caste politics is eating India. Regional parties thrive on it.

  5. Jon: yea.. corruption is in all. including the ordinary citizens.. let me blame the judiciary for all this mess... let them reform and put the nation in order..stricter laws and punishment has to come about..

    Anish: No one is better.. nd that is the truth... nd Congress seems to be getting away a lot more easier than the rest.... nd they have messed up worse than the rest, since they governed the longest...

    Smitha: He gets away with everything doesnt he?

    Solilo: if the Congress party alone had something to show then they could have chucked these regional parties away.. but do they have it in them?


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