Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What next?

Can an outlawed party call for a bandh?

And that too not in a small area but five entire states : Jharkhand, Bihar, West Bengal, Orissa and Chhattisgarh.

And this after having killed innocents.

While one newpaper says the following:

Security forces in the state have been put on high alert following the 48-hour bandh called by the CPI(Maoist) in protest against Operation Green Hunt.

 another one says the following:

Security forces stayed fearful in their base camps and life was hit in several parts of Chhattisgarh as a 48-hour strike called by Maoists began Tuesday, a day after at least 35 people were killed when the guerrillas blasted a bus in the state's Dantewada district..

Do we really have the largest army (after China) in the world and with a ranking not so bad?

Our Home Minister says he is angry.. well we are angry too but unlike you, we can do nothing about it.

Yet, please continue to fight it out with our PM who seems to be star gazing too.. after all, it is your job.

Does one really think that the Maoists have any heart?

And amidst all this I cannot find Mrs. Roy. Maybe it is time she takes one more trip to enjoy the star filled skies.


  1. This is WAR. I dont know to explain this situation in any other way.

    Is there any point in boasting that we have the largest or 2nd largest armed force in the world if you're asked to go and sit on your assess in military camps and army bases. There may be serious implications if you let the army take on the naxal menace but desperate times call for desperate measures.

    About time our Home Ministry honchos make up their mind about the strategy to tame this atrocity. A lion's heart is what you should have now, nobody wants to be in Chidambaram's chair now. Its a goddamn nightmare...

    If we have to fight against our own people using our own forces then the implications may be severe. But again, how longer can we allow this to carry on?

  2. @scorpi,kitten and all who care to read
    It's very cool and easy to sit in the A/C rooms blogging about the WAR. It's not a war, but an internal issue with no foreign powers involved.

    Sending out the second largest army can help us replicate another Kashmir, SriLanka....Army is not a solution... About 'how longer can we carry on?'....
    Just keep in mind the Kashmiris who dissappears, raped because our lion hearted army is there...

    I offer no solutions... May be diplomacy/talks would solve the issue. But not the army

  3. Anish: Didnt they have enough time for strategies? but they were busy elsewhere

    Jon: But can you tell me why they are killing innocents? Dont these people have their rights too? Are they not the citizens of our country too? Dont they have an elected government too? Or are you telling me that the entire state is in support of the Maoists?

    As long as the Maoists continue to act as separate entity within a democratic country then strong measures needs to be taken.

  4. It is such a scary situation. one brought about by our own policies of not sorting out things in time.

    As for our home minister, I really feel that he wants to do more, but has his hands tied, what with his own party men trying to undermine him..

  5. One who is strong enough to conquer can only forgive.

    I think only, of we are strong enough to defeat them can there be any use of diplomacy.

    The Naxals ideology is such that they can survive only by the power of the gun. They will never want any area under them to prosper as this will lead to the decline of their power over the poor villagers.

    The only way around this is to use the army to flush them out and at the same time use the social services and the missionaries ( surprisingly the only people not attacked by the naxals !! )to give confidence to the people that once the naxals are gone the givernment will ensure that priority will be given for development of these villages and protection if their livelihood.

    It must be a two way approach.

    And about Kashmir and the Pandits...it was the rutheless Muslim majority that drew them out and the spineless Hindus simply looked away. That's about it.

  6. Smitha: the latest news that I read is PC's offer of talks if the Maoists gives up violence for the next 72 hours...

    are they ready for talks and then to hand over their weapons? upon reading, I do not think their intentions are noble...

  7. KK: I think only, if we are strong enough to defeat them can there be any use of diplomacy..

    You do have a point..

    The govt. failed miserably and let the menace grow..nd the naxals may not be ready to give up their power...

  8. "separate entity"...The Muslim League acts as a separate entity at times..So does the Sangh family... Why are nt they flushed out...

    Well if you read between the lines the civilians in the bus was participants for CRPF constables' recruitment drive... In the eyes of Maoists they are not civilians..

    And as the guy above said...why are the missionaries spared... i have talked to a few missionaries in Andhra..Naxals are positive to missionary work... So it's not time yet to paint them as devils...

    The only solution is to wait like The SL government...PC and Antony knows the mistake happened long ago... may be in the 80's...you can no longer nip it in bud.. So we will have to wait till it wilts

  9. Jon: if you take just the word entity, then maybe every regional party fits the bill and not just the Muslim League or the Sangh but thankfully they have not yet taken up arms..

    nd Jon since you seem to be justifying the killing.. does it mean that just for the Maoists we dismantle the Army and the Police?

    nd if the Maoists are heavily armed then the matter is not within the country alone.. they must be helped by external agents just like the Tamil Taigers..

    please read the following from a Police Officer himself..

    I think it is time the nation stood together on this matter...

  10. @ Jon, its incredible! 200 of our army personnel were butchered by these barbarians on 2 separate occasions and you think this is some trivial streetfight? May be you should at least think of adding the prefix 'civil' to the 'war', if it offended you.

    And hold on...who told you there are no foreign powers involved? Are you sure? Such heavy artillery and continuous supply of ammunition is not just procured by raiding police stations.

    Since you've sympathies and inclination to the leftist movement and that Naxalite groups trace their origin to the old CPI(ML), does it mean that we should close our eyes to the radical terrorist activities undertaken by these gangs.

    I don't have more to add to the first comment. I've said the implications of calling in the Army may be severe and its a devilish situation but this is not just another law-n-order problem which can be dealt by the lathi-wading Khakhimen.

    I too don't have solutions, but wait-n-watch is not the solution. It might be a double-edged sword but how many of our soldiers could we afford to lose? Since 200 is a measly number for you, shall we wait until the figure touches 2k?

  11. It is sad that the Maoists are gaining sympathy against the security personnels. And the fact is that it only they who are not given a choice.. even when they are not adequately armed.

    The Maoists have a choice of hiding in the forests.

    Maybe the nation does not deserve these souls who are giving up their lives.

  12. Well may be I am not conveying my message in the right way.
    But...I have never been against the Army or CRPF...they are great and have sacrificed their lives...no doubt..But i would stop short of saying they are the solution. I stop the subject here..

    We need not be patriotic by simply sticking on to the mainstream ideaologies. I may lean a bit to left but I am happy that I dont chew anything that the mainstream media give me and boil my blood on it.

    I am going to change my stand on the aid the maoists recieve. They might be recieving foreign aid for sure. But surprisingly I read no confirmation from gov. or our intelligence agencies. It's not China nor ISI. We get the news only from the 'official sources unwilling to be named'. Why don't the gov. confirm anything?

  13. Guys read the article...on HC asking gov. to vacate the tribals from Virendra Kumar's land in a month...
    Poor VK ...he was suffering for months with nothing to eat because tribals had forcibly occupied his land

    Dont u guys find it interesting that we have a gr8 judiciary to help the rich and powerful...

    All Mallus can read the article here:

  14. The Maoists need to be stopped , by force if necessary. Only after they put down their weapons can diplomatic measures start.

    At the same time, steps need to be take so they cannot procure military equipment. A few weeks ago some CRPF personnel were arrested for selling arms to the Maoists. So in effect the CRPF jawans were killed by CRPF weapons!

  15. Jon: You are making yourself very clear.. and hence we see the nation divided on this issue.

    The Maoists are a creation of every government that governed the state and the country.. and yes.. our judiciary is corrupt too.. no one is denying even that. But I do not think that the intentions of the Maoists are noble.. one need not read the mainstream media to gather this. I am also sure that the ruling powers did sought the help of these elements to come to power.. but now that the issue has got out of hand, even they are forced to act.. else why are only the poor and the defenceless targeted by the Maoists? Is there a secret pact?

    as for left leanings, thankfully some of the current leaders in Kerala has squashed any good feelings that I ever had of them :)

    Manju: and they are not ready to put down their arms even after PC gave them an ulitmatum of 72 hours.. so what is their intention? but it is sad to note that even the CRPF jawans are selling them weapons if the news is true.
    But this has to be stopped..

  16. The aim of Maoists is to overthrow the government through violence and then establish their China-1949 V2. They have become big because of many reasons, the main one being that the government has failed to deliver what it is meant to, honestly, speedily and with due sensitivity.

    Be that as it may, it is now war. And the Maoists have to be crushed with force. There is no other way. But what also needs to be done at the same time is to ensure that past mistakes are not repeated. That is where there appears to be little progress till now.

    Ms Roy is in her own independent mobile republic of one. She should remain there rather than descend ever so often on the Indian republic in the manner that she does. Must be lonely, particularly for someone so filled with hate.

  17. Vinod: Right you are.. the Maoists needs to be stopped... and it would be not fair to let this issue continue thus just because the consious of a few in the govt. is getting pricked...


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