Monday, June 7, 2010

The news that we would rather not read...

Kerala seems to be treating it's children comparatively better, but since I cannot find the data for previous years, I am not sure if the figures have risen or are falling.

Edited to add the following:

Source: Hindustan Times, Wikipedia: NFHS-3 Nutritional Status of Children".


  1. To be honest I'm pretty much shocked with the % of malnourished children figures especially r/t Kerala. Seems pretty much high, wonder if the concerned depts are aware about this.

  2. As scorpiogenius says, I am surprised at the Kerala figures of malnourished children, but then yes, comparatively, Kerala does seem to be doing better.. Wonder if these statistics are properly used to control and improve..

  3. It is 63 yrs and one can see as to how much we care--as a nation--about our children

  4. As BKC said this ahs been the same long as we rememeber

    Me too surprised at Kerala... Shows that even as a Mallu I am unaware of the situation around

  5. 'Underweight' figure here is distracting away from the other two figures that are more important.

  6. Yes.. the figures are alarming.. but we have come a long way and there is more to go.. and some states are indeed showing an upward trend.. have got hold of some more figures which I hope shall throw some light...

    uptake: could manage to find out only the mortality rates...


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