Sunday, June 27, 2010

The power is back..

Finally the power was restored on Thursday after one full week.

It was indeed great to be back in our flat.There was this constant fear if it would go again but so far the going has been good and the temperature has also climbed down. Let me also thank the current Ambassador who has finally let us Indians feel the presence of our Embassy!

Looking back I feel we were lucky in many ways. We had a flat where we could move into and there was always this hope that things would improve. But not so in the case of many others. In places like UAE I read that many stay in labour camps were A/C's are not provided. They are often between the devil and the deep sea since returning to their home country would mean facing the debtors and their hopeful families. As for me and my family, if things get worse, I can always return to my country and I shall not starve.

And then there are those who have to work under the hot sun even in these extreme temperatures. I always wonder how they manage.

Here in Kuwait too like a few other GCC countries, they have the midday break rule whereby the companies are instructed to give those who are working outside a break from 12 -3 PM, when the heat will be the maximum. But I wish they are paid better since they are literally working in hell even if there is a break.

I am also seeing posters asking the residents to conserve power. But if this message is to be driven into them, then they ought to stay without power for at least an hour! As for us, it is been many years since we shifted to the low energy bulbs and switching off lights when not needed is a habit that most of us have acquired from our home country. The same is being taught to our children too. One knows not where they would have to survive!


  1. I have read that in UAE temperatures recorded are shown less inorder to make labouers go on working

    To survive in Gulf w/o AC is unimaginable...
    But why do we need one here in India!!

  2. One week without power is a log time indeed! Hope the mercury continues to go down.

    In India we are building more and more buildings, like malls which need central air-conditioning. Huge hoardings light up the streets all night, which is a terrible waste of energy. Hope we wake up to the situation before it is too late!

  3. Good to hear!

    I am reminded of that beautiful love story of the migrant electrician from Kerala that you had sent to me. If what Jon is saying is true, then one can only imagine what these poor guys must be going through and why,like that electrician, they too must be wondering as to why India cannot provide them enough jobs..

  4. It must be such a relief to get the power back. I am sure at the same time, you must be worried about it happening again..

    'But if this message is to be driven into them, then they ought to stay without power for at least an hour!' - That is true! Most of us have grown up learning to conserve power, but what about those who have no idea what it is to be without power...

  5. are you serious - one whole week without power is horrible in a place like kuwait..anyway hope all is well now..

  6. Jon: That happens even here! offcially the temp never goes above 50 degrees since then the govt ought to declare a in Kuwait this time it did go above 50 ..

    I hear that even in our capital city the temp is rising and those who can afford A/C have been using them.. and the same in Kerala too.. these days most houses seems to have an A/C and soon this itself wil contribute to the rise in temp...

    Manju: The power was being shut down every 2 hours and hence there was not much use.. the rooms take longer time to cool down...

    Yes.. the concrete buildings and A/C's in itself will raise the temp..

  7. Vinod: it was a relief though the fear is still there :)

    I searched for that story so that I could post it.. but I think I deleted it.. yes.. if only India could provide jobs.. but one has to admit that things have changed and India has more jobs than before.

    Smitha: it is indeed!

    yes.. everyone should learn to conserve energy.... else there is no future for the coming generation..

    Maddy: it is a serious issue.. and now one hopes that serious measures are taken... now the temperatures have climbed down due to the pressure build up in India they say.. but next month is going to be hot and there are many who would be fasting too..


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