Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It is time for the rains and more...

Soon it will be time for the rains and another Onam.

After many long years, Onam would be in Kerala this time.

Hubby has told the kids that we shall see the Nehru boat race too, especially since it is held not very far from home. Promises are seldom kept but one can always dream of things to come. I am told that the river right in front of the house is brimming and may soon breach it’s banks.

We would have landed in the new airport terminal at Trivandrum if the inauguration was not postponed. I hear that the user's fee would be retained but am hoping that it would be put to good use and that the impressive terminal would be maintained. I am also looking forward to the drive through the MC road instead of the NH. The road has now been repaired and is supposed to be good. This used to be the road frequented before the advent of the NH 47 and is a scenic route.

So, it is time for a vacation and maybe also a blog break?


  1. Great!

    Wishing you a happy vacation.
    If onam is approaching I will soon see the athachamayam... great!

  2. Have a great holiday! If you can, post something interesting, including photographs. Otherwise, just enjoy yourself!

  3. Enjoy your vacation! I guess you don't mind the rains as you wont be having much of it in Kuwait.

    Yes, the T3 at our Trivandrum is still a good few days away from opening thanks to whoever...whatever. Imagine, I hoped to use it in April and its still not ready. Incredible!

    k..have a nice time. give us loads of pics when you come back, right? :)

  4. happy's raining hard here

  5. Good, enjoy and have a nice break and a holiday with the family.

  6. Abhi: thank you...Wish you a very Happy Onam in advance..

    Vinod: Thank u.. will try my best to find time and to collect my thoughts which shall settle no where! have to drink in every scene and seal it in memory..

    Scorpio: The rains never bothered me and now that I am in the Gulf, I love it even more..
    Wonder when the T3 shall open up.. even we were looking forward to it..

    Jon: Thank u.. yes I hear that the rains are heavy... but without them what shall Kerala do?

    BKC: Thank u! Hope to have some great days...

  7. Have a great vacation!
    Happy Onam! :)

  8. Yup, You are right. It's raining in Kerala and how! Have a great vacation with u'r family and do update us on all info as soon as u are back to blogging.

  9. I've always wanted watch Onam boat race, and eat the uber-delicious sadhya food. Have a great time there!

  10. wish you a great trip - envy is hot like hell here..

  11. Indrani: Thank u and wish u a happy onam too... hope u had a look at the reunion photos...those girls did have a grand time!

    Dreamer: It was raining at nights and more in Calicut where we had Hubby's school reunion to attend... at the Gwalior Rayons grounds that is now in shambles.... as expected he completely forgot that his wife nd children had also accompanied him when he found his long lost frnds after more than 25 years :)

    Anu: Think this is ur first time here.. a warm welcome to you! Had an opportunity to have a delicious sadhya even before Onam.. nd now am waiting for more.. will make sure I tuck in as much as I can :) coudnt watch the boat race...

    Maddy: Thank u! You might be looking forward to a California Onam.. Hope to read about it....

  12. ah...will have a Raleigh North Carolina onam - California is already a distance memory..


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